Searching multiple FB groups

Anyone know if there’s a tool that will allow you to search through multiple groups at once?
If I want to find specific posts relating to…say… dogs, I currently have to go to the group page and hit the search function in the left side of the desktop window.

Would LOVE the ability to find all posts with certain phrases from all groups I’m in.

Also, If you’ve got experience in the field and know it’s unfeasible, let me know so I can stop looking.

Although, if this is possible and becomes popular, I might turn this into a feature request as it would have a LOT of direct marketing uses.

Sorry if something like this is already a thread. Did a quick (but not massively thorough) search.

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Used to have a badass tool that would do this and more, since FB changed how they work it messed up my tool. Would love to have another like it :slight_smile:

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Have you tried to search that phrase in Facebook main search box, and then select all groups from left side? Facebook have left side which allowed you to search post from multiple source and you can filter it with date, groups, page, people, event etc… and then put that browser URL in any jarvee module which allowed URL as a source?

There is Facebook graph search which allowed you do multiple things, from your post, I just know you want to search post from many groups, I don’t know what you want to do further? If you be more specific then other people might have solution.


I have actually and that’s been a great help so far! Now its just about finding the right groups to target!
After finding the groups/posts, I would then move to market directly to anyone who fit the idea customer profile that I had. Obviously not just sending a product to their message box and saying “you buy?”…but starting conversations and building relationships :slight_smile: