Second 100k+ account using TikTok bots and reposting content

Account: @ JoeRoganClips

Process = repost content from Youtube/IG/others and use a good bot -> sell the accounts later on :slightly_smiling_face: :money_with_wings:


congrats maan :+1: :+1: for how much you might be willing to sell it?


I’ll go for 4-5k probably. Thanks! Stuff works fr. Going to try to grow several more at once this time.

How are you gaining followers? F/UF or just reposting and some videos going viral that gain followers?

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Awesome results!

Can you tell us a bit more regarding the posting process, how often you recommend to post, how important you find the description and hashtags?

You repost via Jarvee? or manually on a phone?

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since Noirorion mentioned technicalities, did you face any blocks or issues when reposting? how do you make sure that Tiktok sees the videos as not copyrighted violated?

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@Luca @Noirorion @AfroJack

  1. It’s F/UF, liking, liking comments. Then I consistently post repost content as many days of the week as possible, in this case Joe Rogan podcast highlights.

  2. I would try to post 1-3 times per day. The more you exceed that, the more you are asking to get flagged by some sort of spam filter. I manually repost.

  3. I use a basic screen recording app and then I crop the video(the visual aspect as well as temporal aspect, length). This usually does the trick. I also try to post newer videos, whenever possible. So far, no issues. I’ve experienced this only when posting super famous videos on my other accounts, that had clearly already been posted 100s of times.

I think this is the most accessible way for anybody on MP to grow a large account. I hope some of you will try and we can talk strategy or potentially cross market. How long for 200k ? :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your detailed reply, very interesting case study!

Congratulations on your success!
Will report back if I find some time to try it out saw some cool pages in Twitter that posts mainly videos, maybe could use that for reposting on TT :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it! I wish you good luck. Let me know if you need any help or want to work together

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Starting up a few new accounts to bot + repost. Any good niche ideas? Wanting to try something new

thank you for your reply oolongo, yeah you might try those sketch animated videos they seem to be fun :grin:

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Yeah, funny and interesting videos in general are a very good niche because it’s got very wide audience

Which are you referring to? Link?

like this account: nutshellanimations

I really do enjoy their videos :grin:

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Looks freaking dope. Think it’s worth trying for us as well?

Anyone notice how he’s doing m/s?

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yes man, that should be a great idea :grin:

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I’m moving today but will start soon. Let’s all keep track of progress here!

How long did take you to get to the 100K ?
How many posts you have on the profile ?

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Several months. Quite a few posts, typically 1+ per day. You guys see TikTok is saved??