Second Instagram block in a month! Don't know what to do anymore

Hi everyone! Mine is a very old IG account with over 33k followers - I’m not an influencers for work, but I get free stuff etc. I like a lot of pictures to grow, but I do it manually, no app or BOT involved. I was liking some pics tonight, when I got blocked out of my profile for suspicious action. I reset my password via SMS, and received a total block: cannot like, cannot comment, cannot follow, cannot even see profiles and see the pictures on my profile! All I can see are feed, notifications, stories, and whenever I go into my profile I see a blank grid. Every time I click on my profile section I get an error message that says action is blocked/limited etc… I checked on my pc and my profile is fully visible on other platforms and devices, it’s just blocked on my mobile. Basically every time I press on any button on IG an error message pops up. Last month I got blocked out of my profile for suspicious action as well, reset everything via SMS, and received a likes/comment/follow block afterwards (even though I could still see my profile, thing that I cannot do now, and I had some more functions available). I usually solve this stuff deleting and re-installing the app, but it’s not working today, so I’m panicking: I already deleted and re-installed the app 5 times, and I am still blocked. Anyone has some advice? Thanks

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I don’t think your “own” feed got blocked. I mean, i never experienced that, not even on child accounts.

Did you try to login via a new phone / new proxy ?

Also, you should definitely let your account rest. Otherwise, you’re gonna get your trust score destroyed

I tried restarting my phone, and using WiFi and mobile 4G - the result stays the same. The thing is, I wasn’t even doing a lot of activity these past days… I have been doing much more in the past and never got any restrictions. So I can’t really understand the algorithm

It’s not the case anymore, so better slow down your actions. Instead of doing too much actions from your main (even if it’s only a few), you shoud use satellite accounts or change your growth strategy.

When you’re blocked from an account, you can only use another one.

Boss, what do you mean by “you can only use another one.”
And what are satellites account haha

It means that if you want to grow an account but it’s blocked, you have no other choice than using an other account to make it grow. Or to use paid methods (ads, shout outs,…).

I left IG closed overnight and some things started unblocking themselves: when on 4G, I can like posts on my feed and on my explore page, I can follow, I can comment, save and even reply to DMs. The only thing I cannot do is see other accounts and my feed. Probably IG understands my tactic to grow (go to accounts similar to mine, get their followers’ list and like one pic from every follower for them to follow me as well). Only those actions are blocked: cannot see the feed of someone I follow and I don’t follow, cannot see the followers’ list of other accounts, cannot see or refresh my profile.

They most likely block you because you view too many profiles within a short period of time. I believe slowing down your actions is the only way to solve it. If it’s in JV, it’s like getting API scrape blocks.

That is really weird, tho. I’m not sure the fact that “you can’t see the feed of someone you follow (or don’t follow)” is related to your blocks. Really, never saw that

(and it makes no sense…)

I can’t make sense of it either. The only thing I’m blocked for is now seeing my profile and seeing other people’s profiles/followers. I can see my followers, for instance. Never happened to me, it’s so weird

Instagram is dying slowly but surely. It’s time for a new similar network.
My 7 years old account got blocked too this month. They are 100% crazy.


It doesn’t necessary mean you have any sorts of block. The fact that you push the limits on your phone often, plus sporadically reinstall the app multiple of times could easily lead to a bug or two.

This seems like an isolated problem that may go away within a day or two. Report it to Instagram, leave it for a day and see what happens. If you check you can see that there are always people complaining that the app doesn’t work as it should randomly. Even if they don’t spam actions and push the limits on their devices.

Just because you do it on the phone doesn’t mean you’re innocent either. People think that paying for ads/being phone only but doing the same limits pushing behaviour will somehow elude them from blocks or account problems. Which is not the case anymore. Safety first nowadays.

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Thanks everyone. I’m sorry to say the issue was still not solved - it’s like Instagram understood how I grew my account in the past 6 years (like bombing), and now permanently banned me with a block that does not allow me to see too many profiles to like their pictures. It’s been going on for 3 weeks now. I paused all activity for 72 hours once, but again, after visualizing 40-50 profiles to like their pictures, it blocks me again and does not load profiles anymore. This is going to be a real mess for my growth. I was growing of 100-200 followers per day before this ban, and now I am already losing so much audience. Honestly, Instagram is becoming sh*t.

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I forced a bit the limits today as I needed to engage and post, this thing has been going on for 3 weeks and I cannot leave my IG on hold with lots of collaborations going on. So after various times I reinstalled the app, changed passwords, logged in and out, now I have likes blocked for one week. I really can’t express the anger and frustration with words. It’s becoming impossible for me to use Instagram, full stop.

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Sorry to hear that Isma93, what method are you using? Are you using automation?

I never used any automation, everything I do is manual. I have many collaborations in these weeks and I am already not posting since 20 days, but it doesn’t recover, it just gets worse. Only option I see is to buy expensive subscriptions to Telegram likes channels - I always used them for free liking back, but it’s not possible anymore, and I cannot stop all activity for months… It’s really awful.

I was wondering - I noticed that I started receiving harder blocks and more limitations since I turned my profile into a business one (Digital Creator). Even though IG is not my job, some brands asked for statistic data before and after collaborations, so I decided to move from a personal to a business profile around 6 months ago. Can a business account perhaps be a little more under the radar? More prone to limitations and blocks? I really didn’t have much issues when I had a personal one. Shall I maybe try and switch back to personal? I will wait for the block to finish on 19 January now, but I was wondering if that could be worth a try. Anyone who experienced differences when switching? Thanks