Secret Hashtags tips for niche account

Hey guys :raised_hand:

I have been trying a lot to get the best reach and go viral on my accounts…

The idea here is to completely forget all generic and overused hashtags…I focus my research on something else…

Here how I got the best reach for travel niche as an example :sunglasses: :

  1. Go to
  2. With your post you selected. Write down on the search bar the city or region where this picture is taking from. Not the country!
  3. With the results you get. Copy it and paste all results in the search bar again! You wil get much more results!
  4. Here you go manually and select one by one the hashtags depend of the popularity and relevance. The revelance bar should be much higher than popularity!
  5. Select only 27 hashtags.
  6. Put them on the caption. Not comment.
  7. Enjoy your reach :sunglasses:

Probably you can adapt this technics to other audience or niche! But it’s perfectly working for my travel accounts!


@Mimo Welcome to mpsocial! In your quest to get to level 2, I would save a few of these and do one every other day instead of all at once.

Nice to see some people sharing!


I will keep on releasing then slowly slowly then :clap::sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing, just a few things:

  1. You are not the first that suggested 27 Hashtags as well, could you share why 27?
  2. Putting hashtags on either caption or comment has the same effect so why not?

27 because I love this number lol…no more seriously, I just saw much more results with 27. And I think 30 is kind of Instagram signal that this user is so desperate. You might loose some help from them to get better reach…

In caption because it helps got keywords searching in my opinion.


Right, thanks for clarifying!

Thnx 4 the Good share.

How much did your engagement increase?

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Very interesting post. I’m anxious to test. I’ll post the results in a couple of weeks.

Usually I get 1400 likes with standards hashtags, but when I do this i can exceed 2k likes easily!

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Happy testing :slight_smile:

I heard about this tool before and someone even mentioned how the graphics work, but I forgot so I come with a question: which one of the orange and red lines represent the relevance of the hashtag?

Relevance is red. Popularity is orange.

The idea is the find a hashtags with high relevance and average popularity.

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Thanks for sharing this and welcome to the forum!

I was wondering if you have any tips how to adopt this method to travel niche? :slight_smile:

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Great share man, thank you! Definitely going to save it :muscle:

@Mimo just wondering is it possible to give an opportunity to limit the number of posts under #`s. For example, if I need those which have less than 300k posts under it can I filter them somehow?

This methode is actually the perfect one for travel niche lol!

You can’t imagine how many times i went viral by simply putting on DP the name of the city…Try it out :slight_smile:

Yes you can filter them…Actually if you really want to be that picky. When you get the results on DP, you create an excel sheet and note down the size of each one. Filter them. and your select the best of the best hashtags…

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Thank you for the tips! I never thought of using location hashtags to your advantage. @Mimo

I’ve tested this on a limited basis and I think it can help with engagement. I’ve had a few posts that have had a 20% bump and others that showed little difference.

I think you also have to apply research on the local hashtags to amplify the effect. Can you rank for those tags? How competitive are they? How often are they used?

Combine the localization with hashtag ladders for exponential results. I’ll keep you posted on further tests.

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Very cool idea!