Seeing more IG ads in the past few weeks

Anybody else noticing more IG ads in both feed and stories in the past few weeks?

Like significantly more than I remember.

The ads don’t seem targeted towards me either, like they used to be.

I see 1 or 2 pics and then at least 1 ad, maybe 2.

FB is losing Billions in revenue and Millions of users, so they are being more aggressive with IG. We all knew it was coming. IG is almost unusable.

I wonder if they will ever introduce a feature like reddit where you pay extra for no ads.

Zucks needs to make dat bread to make up for all the negative publicity - money talks

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That’s the thing is that the ads I’m seeing are pure garbage. It’s so bad that at least once a day I tap the comment button on a garbage ad to give them constructive criticism and light them up for how shitty their ad is, then I decide its not worth my time.

Some of the ads have no conversion or agenda, just an ad promoting some crappy account about nothing. I want to comment “Why are you boosting this?”


how to calm down investors pt.1

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Really? I have seen recently a graph showing that their revenues have increased in the last years. Didnt find it now, but at least this one:


Facebook revenue for the twelve months ending December 31, 2018 was $55.838B , a 37.35% increase year-over-year.


Yes, every 3rd story is an ad… Really, too much.

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Their stock is down $30+ dollars and investors are shaky. If regulators step in they stand to lose a lot, and that’s likely with all of the investigations.

But if you want to look at what Facebook SAYS they are worth vs Zucks net worth, theres a big difference.

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Last time I counted it was 3-4 posts and then ad. If it changed to every 1-2 it only means that the are after more monies.

It will soon become like a public TV channels, more advert time than actual movies

1 or 2 pics for 1 or 2 ads sounds craazy. I’ve never experience anything like that. For me the second post I get is sponsored, after that I get one sponsored for every 4th post.

My favourite is when random personal accounts run ads. I get so curious every time to see what the hell they’re even trying to achieve I visit their profile a bit too often so IG is like “Hell yeah he loves this shit”. I end up getting a lot of those ads from time to time 乁(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)ㄏ

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Hahah! I never thought of it like that, but that must be why I get those ads. I look at their personal account like okay this person works out, but isn’t selling protein, there’s a few entrepreneur quotes, theres them in business attire, but they aren’t selling a guide pdf, what the hell is going on? At that point I must have looked at 4 different posts and the IG software is like that ad resonated with me - when in fact I can’t figure out why they spent $40 boosting a post of them hiking.

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