Seeking advice on starting an IG automation service

Hey all, I’m considering taking on clients for Instagram automationb(solo, no partner or team).
I’m intending on reaching out to local businesses in my city and offering my services there. I would love to hear some anecdotes, advice/ opinions of others who have started offering their services.

My main questions surround upkeep of accounts and scalability. Is it plausible to start such a service while working full time? I have a lot of free time to get the business going before I commence full time work in about 1-2 months.

I’d also love to hear from automation service providers who work solo- how many clients do you manage?

Thanks in advance!


So what’s holding you back from starting the side hustle already?

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I have been researching while developing my skills in Jarvee for the last couple of weeks, and my next step is building a simple website for clients to reference. Then contacting clients. I’m on my way!

Website is optional if you can find good clients via other ways, Good luck.

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I was considering creating an agency myself a month ago but with the Instagram update, many people have experienced a lot of problems with their accounts when automation has been used. Even when they have used safe settings. How do you plan to get around this?

Hi Ceb

I can relate with you! I started doing automation and getting clients via freelancing platforms.

I remember getting my first client via Airtasker after 2 weeks. That client then referred me 5 other clients (personal and business pages). And now here I am doing this semi-full time as I am running 2 other projects (social media related).

Now to your question, is it possible to do this with full time work. Short answer Yes!

Detailed answer, I started doing automation while working 2 jobs full time + casual 6 days a week total. I was blessed because my full time job was quite relax so as long as I could get my task done, I had some free time to learn automation. So definitely, it is possible to do this while working full time. Although, it is important to note that back then automation was much easier because you find hashtags and accounts, follow/unfollow 700+ accounts per day and then everyone is happy. But, now you have to do more maintenance & optimization to make this effective, meaning, it requires more time.

Majority of my clients are global (not from Australia). I find that music/food/personal brands are more insterested in this method than local business so here are some points to take if you are considering to target local business

  • Rejection- a lot of people do not like follow and unfollow specially to local businesses as they see it as a brand-damaging tactic. Therefore, try to dispel such issue during your pitch and focus on the values it can give.

  • Be open to expanding. I had a lot of resistance in my local market, but it did not discourage me to go global. So look for opportunities

All the best


Thank you so much for the incredible value in your response!
That is a great point you make about local businesses not always being open to f/uf- I have thought this in the past and need to think further about how to combat this in my pitch.
On expanding globally- I initially thought I would definitely ONLY target local businesses, but as I have thought further about it, the more the idea of global expansion seems necessary.

If you don’t mind me asking, how much success have you had landing local clients?

Was thinking about doing the same but now it’s harder than ever with all the block :tired_face:

Or figure out the optimal way to grow in this climate and sweep up the clients that have left the services who haven’t done this.

Hey Ceb, that’s always good, I am doing something simillar for 3 years, and it’s my full time job for the last 12 months, nothing better then being your own boss, even if you sometimes need to work 12-15 hours a day when things are not going good, at least you know you are working for yourself. You will have ups and downs, I started with 2 clients and now working with 250-300 monthly. Just put everything you have in it, do some research and you will succeed 100%. Shit with Instagram algorithm happens almost every few months, so you just need to ignore this and keep pushing, as long as Instagram exists there will be automation and ways to make money on it. But I also recommend that you expand your business after you setup everything on Instagram and always have option B, if something crazy happens with Instagram. Good luck :slight_smile:


250-300 clients! Zole you’re killin it, I’ve only got 20 and I find it hard to juggle, any tips on how you did this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I run same bussiness myself, currently running 14 clients, started 1 month ago, the beggining was tough because I started running my service when blocks started so had to stop working for a few weeks and clients got a little angry but I figured it out, there is always a solution. My advice - use only 4G proxies, DC will get you blocks and problems. Good luck!


How do I know what type of proxy I’m running?

most providers out there provide data center proxies, those are trash and has really low trust score on IG. If you want to buy 4G mobile just look it up on the forum/on google and find you some! 4G are more expensive than DC but worth every penny… it help avoid blocks and run much smoother.

Go for it! We don’t know how long IG will allow automation so better late than never.

aweawe DELEGATE the Work to a freelancer(Upwork/Fiverr) or agency & spend time in getting more appointments & closing deals, you don’t have to do the all the work by yourself. Stop juggling, start outsourcing.

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thanks :slight_smile: