Selective Comment Block? (only non-followers)

This is a new one… one of the accounts I can’t comment on those who are not following me. Anyone had this issue?


  • 5+ year account, close to 1M followers
  • using a physical phone (tried android and iphone)
  • using home IP or Mobile Data
  • changed password and turned on 2FA
  • Commenting on those who follow the accounts is fine
  • Commenting on those who don’t follow the account - Action Blocked
  • Been like this for over a week

Anyone in a similar situation? Anyone had this before and can say how long this will last?



Have not heard of this one.
But makes sense, they implemented the same things for DMs.
Did you comment on a lot of non-followers/non-followings before the block?

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Nope, only been commenting in a group of 15-20 highly related accounts. Only noticed this block after tried to comment on some new posts from a few new good accounts I found.

One more thought… this started happening after we started using Facebook Creator Studio to schedule posts and respond to DMs. It almost feels like IG’s own ago thinks FB Creator Studio is some sort of automation software :slight_smile: We even had one post that was posted without description from their tool… lol.

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ya sure you just can’t see it? or you might have a comment block for a period of time for to many to fast to many accounts in say like shouts to one another.

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Nope, we have specifically been off any commenting for a week and even before we never exceeded 50 comments per day. The comments that do get posted are visible from other accounts. For the comments that get the block it’s pretty obvious since the Instagram pop-up comes up saying this Action Blocked.

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Hi, any news on this awkward case ?

Did you manage to find out what happened ?

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Our relationship manager at FB is playing games, we keep pressuring that we will stop our paid ads so they are off “trying to get more info”. For now, nothing new from FB.

We did try logging in this account from another phone with LTE, same issue, so it’s not a “device id” problem.

@Hexe what’s your situation like? can you share your case?

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if I am reading correctly – that account – not the device has some issues.

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