Self hosted Proxies breakdown and Tutorial


I would, if there wouldn’t be competitors watching or pretending to be new customers. Those settings are not hard to figure out and test which ones work with less fingerprints. Just give it a try :slight_smile: . Tho I am still surprised why so many providers fuck up with their settings and usage. :thinking:


hey hey heey, by any chance my man has some wild squid catching config?


You mean for catching wild squid pokemons?


Correct. I want to cache it all


Dear @HenryCooper thank you very much for your comment, but I would like to comment on your proposal in squid.conf
Really with this configuration, would you be trying to hide the output IP from the proxy to instagram?
If the answer is “YES” I think this is bad because then, what IP would see instagram?


@HenryCooper Do you know if there a header modification that allows for the changing or removal of “Browser Time”? I assume anytime I use a proxy in a different time zone than where I am I will get identified immediately.


Hi @maniamonk , i has question:

  • I has one ip VPS centos . How create proxy multiple ??


I’m looking for this information too.


Hey @maniacmonk thanks for sharing that with us

I just use that HenryCooper says and works pretty good for me using squid on raspberry.

I didn’t use the “header_replace User-Agent” , some times less is more.


Hi everyone,

I hope this message finds you all well. Right now I am paying for 50 private proxies to a Spanish provider. But, at home, I have a computer of which I don’t make any use, and a fix IP. I have totally no experience with VPS or with setting up a self hosted proxy. My question is, would I be able to set up 50 proxies with different, private IPs, using this computer as a VPS? Does that even make any sense? Is a VPS like a virtual machine? How do these apps like Squid or TinyProxy get you IPs? I thought IPs were only provided by ISPs? Sorry again for asking some dumb questions, it would be so cool if someone could make a brief explanation on how this all works.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and have a great day!



You are right about that! First you need to find IP’s. And after that you can make proxies with Squid, 3proxy or something else.

If you have a fixed IP at home you can make 1 proxy from that. Not 50.


@maniacmonk is the VPS you have sufficient for 128 proxies or would your recommend higher specs? I will be using these proxies with Jarvee, primarily with IG.

@HenryCooper do you have a breakdown of setting up the VPS for IG, ideally with IPv6, to make sure we don’t get flagged/banned?


Why would your VPS get flagged or banned? And even if, you are using proxies anyway not your VPS IP


Sorry I should have clarified, i meant protecting the IG accounts. You mentioned earlier “force replacing the user agent might not be so good for Instagram related tools” then provided some additional instructions " for ‘protecting’ of the origin address and fingerprint".

Are these sufficient or should you do other things for IG not to realize that the IPs are connected with one another. I’ve heard that a batch of IPs can lead to a batch of accounts getting banned. Is that true?


It feels like you a lacking some fundamental knowledge about proxies. Try to read up on the topic more. That should help you understanding the technology behind it or how it works as a basic concept. :heart:


Ok will do. Thank you.


Dear Henry, I do not agree with what you are explaining here.
first, with the configuration of maniakmonk, it would not be necessary to include the first 3 denied directives, since the line of the ending “all deny all” would already deny these 3 lines because they are not written in the allowed directives of the configuration of maniakmonk, therefore it is absurd to write them.
And the second thing, it would not be good to deny the directive user-agent because instagram would see that the information of the mobile device or the browser is hidden and distrust a lot of us, since in the instagram policies it is vital for instagram to collect this data to differentiate a human and a natural connection of a bot.
henry you have to study a little bit more hehe


Yeah you are partially right. I probably did a mistake with copy&paste. I will update my post later this week. Thanks for letting me know.


Very Interesting, please explain how it should be?



Great share and can you let me know which VPS do you use?
Are there any VPS cost $1 per IP?
Hope get your reply.