Self hosted Proxies breakdown and Tutorial


I think the biggest problem is to get theip’s since all of the providers i saw want a justification and provide max. 15 ips. Also coudnt found some for under 2,50€/piece… no idea how you guys are doing this… maybe there’s a better method in the private section? ;D


How many proxies can be created?, using bad english, sorry for that


how many IPs does it have?


I also use TinyProxy. This installation is very simple


Good guide bro. Keep it up!


i try doing this before but not working =(


isnt there anything more user friendly? like an installer that just setups this stuff so you can have your proxy? :sweat_smile:


This would be the real deal!

Could you create an auto-installer for lightweight linux dispo.
All setup perfectly for plug and play.
Just setup once with your Email account, where you want to receive proxie data.
Then just go to your mother’s home router and put a cable in the router with a rasperry pi or some mini usb computer with lightweight linux installed.

People would love it and actually I would pay a few bugs for this script.
But it must be clean & complete, using software like squid, but optimized and a script, to automatically.

This would be it!
Please, I know it is possible.
Maybe you can make it finally?

Best regards


Nobody will do it for a few bugs or $20 like you mentioned in the other thread. I personally wouldn’t even start such a project to sell it for $20 and I think nobody else will.


It’s not just for 20$, lol.

It’s 10000x 20$ or so, for Marketers who want to create clever proxies easily!
It’s a creation for years to come!
Probably should make it’s own website and sell the software there.


Still nobody would do it because it would mean giving out the clear text source code that the client can copy after paying the first 20$. I dont see it working as a business model, at least not at this price or without all the effort/costs that would come protecting the code somehow and thus the price would need to be raised (same point as before).

It surely is a good idea on the paper, but before you try selling it to the public you will realize that the code cant be protected and thus you wont be willing to sell the code that costed you thousands anymore just to let someone crack it for 20$.


Then for 100$.

Can you code this in linux? :wink:

Don’t see it as a Problem and it can’t be done, but see it as an great oppurtunity!


The coder working in the team for my proxy service asks me this amount for 2 hours of work. Figure it your yourself :slight_smile:


hardware/software folks always lowball estimate hours/cost. actuality… most likely way more than that…just to get working, not including upkeep


Right. But they seem not to understand…


there will always be the dreamers… the ones who want things for free/easy and cheap forgetting one thing –
the real world… if ya know what I mean


here is my info to blow you away and tell ya whats up


Well, about the coding. I’m not underestimating it.
Yes I know you have to program in every step for every, wich takes time and is not easy to do.
I don’t want you to be my private coder.
But think of this way. It’s like writing a high priced book.
Sell it for 100$ x 100 people = 10000$ or more for that peace of software.
You know how to promote? Yes, probably because you are here and have MP.
So what’s the problem then?

However probably I just should get those proxies from existing providers, instead of having that discussion about a probably great invention, that makes real world peoples lifes easier and bringing something new to the marketplace. Those lazy coders these days :safety_pin: :smiley:


Jup, 5% of the old folks use insta, because they have smartphones or tablets mostly.
Still almost no one can configure their routers properly or at least never will use any advanced features or go anywhere with it, except for the one time straight forward wizard guided setup.

My Point is that there would be alot of potential to create proxies from unused routers.
They would be not as cheap, but they would be reliable and a real world identity.
But probably it is still cheaper to use trojan horses to setup proxies or just buy some like everyone does.
Nothing is new happening in this thread anymore it seems, except for status quo.

better just use teamviewer and add the proxie and settings manually or pay someone in the squid community.

However I got your points. Don’t worry.

There are always solutions to real world problems :wink:


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