Selfie Verification processing time

Hi All,

So today I had to submit my selfie for IG verification and hope to get access to my account back. How long does it usually take for the selfie to be verified? Is this an automatic or manual process?

Thanks in advance!

Did you get a response yet? their response time was 12 hours time, but now there are more and more accounts that get this type of verification, so it might take longer than 12 hours.

Still waiting…

Sooo… It took about 10 days to get my account unblocked.

With selfie verification or without?

With. From the moment I submitted the selfie pic, to the moment account has been re-enabled.

Congrats for getting your account back! I really thought you sent a selfie video to IG. Did you send your selfie pic after submitting the support request form? What was the issue your account had?

Thanks! No, I wasn’t requested to send a video selfie. Once I submitted dispute form specifying my email address linked to an account, I got an email with the numeric code asking to send it in a selfie. Ten days after that the acc got reenabled. The main takeaway point: always use email address linked to your account when filing an appeal.

Did you write something specific when u filled form?

Nope. I refer to this form:, which doesn’t seem to have any fields to supply complementary info