Seller reporting the account as hacked?

Hey guys, about a few years ago I bought an account and now the seller - 6 years after ish, wants the account back and claims that it will get it by reporting it as hacked?!

Is this even possible?! I mean… the account is fresh except the number of followers.


Then all you have to do is send that to twitter if he tries to take it back. The account will be banned.

He tweeted me like 2 times in the past month and I wasn’t able to see it (To mention that his account doesn’t appear in my notifications AT ALL, I randomly saw a reply on one of my tweets)

He tweeted in 9 jan that he’ll get the account back using the sign up initial email… and I was like…but you gave it to me 6 years ago… does that even count at this point?!
Do you think I should reply back?

Well if he’s going to take it back then yes. Let him know you have the original emails, transactions etc. call his bluff. Don’t make it public though. He won’t know what you have on him.

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However, do you think it’s still possible for him to get it back considering the very long time and it’s not like the account has been quickly hacked or smth, it was a smooth process.

Of course he can get it back. But if he does you’ll inform twitter and the account will be worthless to both of you. Depending on how big a trail you have, both of you or only one of you might get banned. But what are your other options? Call his bluff, tell him you have proof and he can suck it.

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That is why you never grow or buy accounts without the creation email :slight_smile: I hope you and others who read your post learn from this .

To answer your question , he can get the account back any time as long as he has access to the creation email .

Does this apply to Instagram too.

This applies to most likely any social media platform .

Shit… I bought a really good username awhile back, but didn’t get the creation email. Just had it changed to my email.

What should I do? Sell the account? Because I could ask the guy who sold it to me for the creation email but how would I know he’s not just giving me some random email.

PM sent .

Yes you might . Depending how paranoid you are or how much of an important asset that account is to you .

Haha if you can’t beat him at least make it so he fails as well.

Yes, accounts hacked instagram, twitter and google too

I honestly think you don’t know shit

no yar really .
See news

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If you want to prove something write a tutorial

Alex great. I will do it.

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