Selling account (serious buyer only )

Hey ! I have 2 tik tok account one with just by myself and another with my best friend ! And I’ve decided to sell my own account cause I’m more focused with my other one. Please be serious. Took me a while to get to 400k. Could be a smart move if you like to make content.

I wouldn’t advise you to sell it. With this amount of followers, you could easily monetize the account, and make way more than what you’re going to sell it for. TikTok is perfect for affiliate marketing, and it’s getting harder and harder to get that many followers. Totally up to you though. Best of luck!

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Also, cannot it hurt one’s account authority if you start uploading unrelated content out of the blue?
I’ve seen many account owners seriously damaging their account reputation after starting a new category from the same account.
You should give more information like your followers’ country, age range, what videos they engage to, active hours, etc.