Selling an instagram account for 10k. Am i being scammed?


Flipmass but that was 2 years ago


Wires cannot be reversed. I have another business where we are wiring money weekly for what I can say is an intangible good / service (if you will). Once a buy wires us, they cannot get that money back. It’s no different than if they direct deposited cash into your account. Once it hits your account, see ya!


i guess the secondary question here is with 90k followers could this account generate me better income over the next year or two? (bare in mind its reposts and not original content)


I sold a 50K account for $3,500. Price is whatever you agree on. I wrote up a purchase agreement (really simple) and I sent him a Square invoice and he paid it via credit card. Then sent him the login information. I don’t think he could have disputed it since I had the purchase agreement, signed by both of us.


How? You can’t charge it back I thought


How many followers does your account have?


Almost 90,000 followers… all organic built over 3-4 years… 3000-20000 likes per pic.


Don’t forget to screenshot all of your messages just in case.
One day I had a guy who tried to scam me for 1,5k and it would not be possible to get it back without screenshots…


i think this was all some kinda scam to be honest…

the guy offered to put full amount into my account early in the conversation then i would hand over password etc… then on the day he was gonna do it he was asking for my full name and address and bank details, when i asked him if he needed the swift code for international bank transfers he said he didnt need it (which is odd my partner works in a bank and says its 100% needed to get the money to your account) and once i started asking him a few basic questions like what country are you in and do you have a facebook page so we can chat on there he completely pulled out… i suggested going through escrow company or a similar 3rd party of his choice and he fully backed out saying escrow didnt work for him… thoughts?