Selling an instagram account for 10k. Am i being scammed?

i have an instagram travel account with 90k followers. Someone has offered me 11k for the account. He said he will transfer the full amount to my bank or by paypay friends and family and trust that i will hand over the account login details when money goes through… He seems to own about 20 instagram accounts already that have anywhere between 50k and 500k followers all dealing in motivational quotes… what am i missing here? am i possibly being scammed? surely once a bank transfer is made then he cant reverse it or access the money once its in my account? secondly if hes already got 20 accounts with lots more followers than me then why does he need another one? thoughts?

Another side note is the account seems to be getting approx 10k new followers a month over last 3 months… all organic and its got a decent engagement rate. Should be keeping this account myself or do you think the 10k offer is more than decent enough to sell it?


$11000 is a lot of money.

If you have your bank account set up with PayPal for withdrawal then have him transfer you the funds before you disclose the details. Immediately withdraw the money into your bank account when you receive it. Make sure you’ve got screen shots of every interaction saved on record in case he issues a dispute after the handover and you should be fine. Just ensure that there’s a clear arrangement and that he has clearly and plainly offered you the money for the exact account. Take screen shots of the account as well with its current username and content with your phone number and email address included in its profile description. Just be as thorough as possible. Remember that Instagram keeps a public record of username changes so he can’t get away with anything as long as payment is made upfront and you have clear records.

Alternatively, you can use a different service such as escrow, as recommended by @RaphaelReborn @mrspuf :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!

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For 11000$ try escrow or swapd maybe it will be more safe

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He propably is growing a network,… @Alexnvo is that you? :wink:


It’s a good price but if the engagement is good is a fair price. I think that with the last Instagram updates, having an aged account with great engagement can raise the price a lot. If you do how @embraceone recommended you are still exposed to a dispute and even if you withdraw the money, the Paypal will put you in negative balance and you will pay eventually when you add money to Paypal or you will have the account blocked.

Use escrow service, my recommandation

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Bitcoin is your best friend here… Once you have the money you have the money!


Best friend today, worst enemy tomorrow. :laughing:

he wants to do a bank transfer. from what i know once its in your account he cant reverse it?

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Yes and no. Bank transfers can’t be reversed but it can be charged back. And since you’re not selling tangible assets, you’re in a even worse position that with paypal.

As others mentioned, escrow is your best bet here. Paypal as a second choice, bank transfer third. Above all else, I would say go bitcoin as well. Cuz once you receive the money, withdraw it asap and you won’t lose much on fluctuation. it’s 100% yours once you receive it.


friends and family by PayPal can be charged-back by a 7 years old

bank transfer can be reversed too

i wouldnt sell intangible goods via PayPal even through Goods & services

but thats my two cents

Chargeback applies to credit and debit cards and not bank transfers.

11K for 90K followers, are you for real? Send that asap!!! I was buying accounts with greate engagment and 100k+ real followers for $1000 lol

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Exactly. If you can use your negotiating skills and get that via BTC, you’ll be golden. Even if it means offering 10% discount.

Paypal can work if you have an unlimited account and no withdrawal limits. Just keep in mind, if you use PayPal in Europe, you can receive and withdraw up to 2500 Eur before the identification and id approval. This could screw you up as it takes 2-7 days. As someone mentioned earlier, get the money and withdraw asap, even if he tries to chargeback you’ll get away with it… But then risking paypal not willing to work with you… So it’s a double edged sword :smiley:

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If you transform the account to a high quality personal influencer account, you could probably make that money back in 6 months. I have some friends with less that charge $300 to $500 per post. For travel, it is more difficult but you will get high value exchanges with hotels etc.

Can I ask where you purchased these? I used to buy generic 20k+ accounts for $80. But I would pay $1000 for higher quality larger accounts. None of my old suppliers are active these days :man_shrugging:

nope, i only buy and flip 500k and higher


my fault…:joy:

i know most of the big ones on quotes – and there are tons of quotes accounts( for that matter, tons of other accounts in other niches too. however its a risky game buying and flipping, one bad move and its history cause dealing in a lot of money

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im mainly reposting other peoples photos so im not an influencer as their not my pics and i cant travel. so its hard for me to charge money as an influencer would do but my page is asthetically pleasing so its gained a lot of followers over 5 years…

I can speak from experience on this subject.

I had someone contact me about purchasing an account that I had. At the time I believe I had about 50k followers. We talked and ended up landing on $10,000 for the account.

I went to the bank and setup an extra account so that I could have him wire me the money. Once money is wired it is gone. He sent me $5k upfront. I sent him the details. He paid the final $5k.

Give that a try and see what happens. Best of luck to you!