Selling / buying Instagram profiles


When buying an Instagram profile you had to get the original email which was used to create profile with in the first place.

Now, that is not important, or i am mistaken?
Why? Because before you had full control over reseting some profile password if you contoled original email, no matter which email was it linked with at the moment, so people were taking back accounts that they sold and reselling them for couple of times.

Now, when you switch email, original email has no power, and not on iphone or on andorid you can not get that reset page like beofre, it just directs you to help centar.

Am i right or i am skipping something?

seems you are right. but it is suggested to take owner’s email. they may can set forget password or sth like that. also if that email has a facebook page.

I think original email still have power so I would not mess with that. If you get the original email, I will change the password on that and to be sure nobody can rig the email. Then change the email on IG account

You should buy from sellers who are trustworthy.

Are you sure? I was under the impression that the shadier the provider the better! :joy: lol


Here is the only correct way to purchase accounts: you get login, password, full access to original email it was registered with, and all the tech. data like cookies and useragents.

Still, I recommend to register accounts by your own. Only in this way you will have 100% control and information regarding what was made to this account. So it is the only way to do any trustfull tests…