Selling fashion brand

Hello guys i am owner of this brand it s a fashion brand i earn about 200k from this brand in 1 year and now i want to sell this brand
Is there evrey one interesiing to buy it or any one know any broker who can help me to sell it

Do you have proof of earning?


Based on the spelling in the post, I’m going to assume he means 200k Argentinian dollars

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Site looks legit. Dashboard looks legit.
Will you include your current funnel?

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in shopify platform

Is this a dropship store?

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No it"s a brand store all products are labled

im still skeptical. „hodies for woman“ is a category

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yes it s a category

you must be joking

Take a look at the categories please

LOL, yeah there’s a few others I’d need a copywriter to go through.