Selling Instagram Accounts. Profitable?

Hello everyone! This is my first post.

I wanted to address the question of if growing and selling Instagram accounts was a profitable endeavor. Like running 30-50 accounts, reposting content from larger accounts and building them up to 50k or so and selling them. Is this really popular? I worry I’ll grow it and there will be no one to buy.

I was very briefly working with client accounts but it seems to risky for me. I’m using High Proxies. Jarvee recommends these, but I am getting temp and action blocks so I really don’t know what to do.

I know this is unrelated to the topic but I was given good conservative and aggressive settings by someone with lots of experience, and I’m still getting blocked. How do I know whether the problem is my proxies or my settings? And what type of growth should I be looking for? Is 50 enough a day?.. Like ugh… So many questions.


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he is not asking to buy something…


101% sure.

Send @Adnan a pm, he got some great tools for doing this.

Doing it for 18 months now, really easy money. Still!



For me it was not good because i found that i spent time and money on proxy and vps … MP and all that and now when i wanted to sell some of my account to continue growing the others ppl want to get it for cheap
maybe because im selling in the wrong place.
maybe if you try to sell to someone who don’t know anything about jarvee and automation will give a better price .

I would just make sure that the accounts you are selling are in good standing. You don’t want to sell a bad account and the buyer gets pissed

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I only sold on BHW, they know. And i got 7-10$ per 1k followers.

But i only sold quality accounts.