Selling my Instagram account to someone

Hello guys I am from india and I am selling my to someone. I said him first make payment. When I will receive my payment then I will send you all details because he is sending money through PayPal. He said me first send me of email password then I will send you money what should I do because I have no other option. In India we can receive calls money from abroad only through PayPal. What should I do. Please guys help me

I am selling my Instagram account

Find a middle man! I have earlier seen services offering that kind of help. Seen links of it on this forum, but I don’t remember the what it was. Maybe a friendly soul can help?

But again if you have created the account with a number you can always get it back reporting it hacked.

But to not abuse this. Be honest.

You should at least give informations about your Instagram account

Never send details first.
Use to sell your account.
If people don’t agree to send you money first find new buyer.

Ok guys he is demanding ,og email and password first before making payments. What should I do. In India i can only receive international payment through paypal. He is ready to send money through PayPal friends and family. But he said to me first send me og email and password. When I’ll confirm your password is genuine then I will send you money through PayPal friends and family option. But I refused it because I can’t not give him og email with password directly.
I think he wants to scam me. What’s your opinion guys. Every one know the importance of og email. We have only this last option to recover account back.

I am ready to give information about my account but I can’t give him og email first before receiving payment.

He will scam you, take payment via btc first. Indians can’t receive payments on PayPal as friends and family. No matter what happens , don’t share the og email and password first. If the guy needs proof, record a video or do a team viewer session

Never give your information first, I’d also recommend using crypto as payment rather than paypal to ensure he cannot take his money back.

If he needs proof of authenticity (ie that you own the account). You can have your account DM one of his accounts to prove you have access. If that isn’t sufficient he is trying to find a way to rip you off.

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DO NOT send him details first. Also even if paid through PayPal I know about 152 ways to scam you even if done throught PayPal, its so easy to charge back. I advice you not to do it.

Bitcoin ban in India. Means in India people can buy and sell bitcoin. But they can not deposit it in the form of cash into bank.