Send Message to New Followers Syntax

Can anyone be as kind as to share some of their new user Syntaxes that they’ve found to be successful?

Additionally, I have setup the following Syntaxes setup:

1st message:
Hello! Hello!! (Waves to you)

and my

2nd message is:
Thank you for the follow - we appreciate it! Have a great day!

Could these messages be leading to the banning of my accounts? So far I’ve had 2 accounts banned. (deep sigh)

Please take your time to look around on the forum,so many topics lately,if everyone makes a topic for everything that was already posted on the forum it will get crowed very soon.
check out this topic here.

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I doubt anyone would share their exact syntax with you. The purpose of spinning a text is to make it unique, if many people use the same exact spin there would eventually be a lot of duplicate text. Read the above thread that @florin22xxl linked to and create your own. Spend some time on it so you make sure it will work for a long time.

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What? Seriously. You just pop in and make rando comments of shitty quality, aka shitposts for no reason every once in a while? Are you testing a discourse bot or something??

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Which level required to read that ???

Im new and cannot read it,

Too bad :frowning:


That is in Lvl 2 @Maxiqboy