Sending 1 million emails ~safely~

As the title says , i am looking for someone who has recent experience sending bulk emails, not not getting to the spam box , couple ideas i have going on -
buy multiple amazon aws ?
use multiple accounts?
Get mailchimp or some alternative (the last option)

best thing i found so far- EasySendy
pros- cheap,fast
cons- ?safe?

#Whitehat ish


I am waiting for some inbox spam so I will know it was you.


If you own a shopify site expect for it :family_men_boys:


How much can a gmail send out daily ? before its limited or banned ?

If you send unsolicited emails, it will almost always end up in spam. If you use companies like these to send, if lots of email is marked as spam either by automation of email provider or user clicked spam, your account will be terminated without a second thought.

You can try building your own smtp server, although you will require really clean IPs, and lots and lots of them to send 1 mill emails that dont end up in spam.


You have to break it down. I’d even go as far as saying break it down over a couple of months to be on the safe side.

That comes up to about 17k emails a day.

However, it’s not impossible.

The guy that wrote this guide is the founder of one of the services used in guide, so just keep that in mind.


Have little experience in this but I remember reading a article on BHW or warriorforum about a guy making a few hundred free mail chimp accounts to do something like this might be worth looking into


E-Mail spamming is not greyhat, more in the direction of a felony. Keep that in mind.


Thanks for your ideas everyone to clarify
I’m not doing straight cpa or anything really commercial on the emails,
I am sending semi-personal outreach emails, basically without links, just some text+my skype ,
many people think it’s personal :spy:

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Try elasticemail.


I think that gmail daily limit is 100

As much as i hate spam, i also hate any emails from people i dont know.

So does the majority of people. Unless of course, the emails you sent to are actual emails that is reachable by public, ie, it’s their business email and they put the email in their profile, then it’s not an issue, your chances to get blacklisted is minimal. But, you’ll still get blacklisted by the receiver’s mail provider if you sent too much from the same IP.


I dont think its true about unsolicited mail. Its depends on your service provider and who youre sending it to.

I interned for an executive recruiting firm and I use to send out thousands of emails a day with outlook to corporations everyday. Usually it would be format. The service provider told me relax and to send out a max 10,000 a day. Im not sure wth was happening but Im going ask around to see what company it was and get some details. If any of you understand whats happening, please share it.


@mindeswx Once you figure out how to do it, please post deets, I have a few people that I don’t like that I want to spam to death. One of them being my old bank, and my old work!




Each separate email in violation of the law is subject to penalties of up to $40,654



I had good experience with sending bulk e-mails from my Magento shop with Mandrill but when they stop their free service I changed to MailGun which is as good as Mandrill was and really cheap (or free up to 10000 emails/month). It has official magento and wordpress plugins but with its API you can easily integrate it to other CMS-es or applications as well.


From my experience far as I know there is no real good shortcuts to sending out bulk emails without landing in spam.

I recommend buying a commercial provider service like Aweber, GetResponse ect. These providers have a very good delivery almost all the time in the inbox (using plain text email)

Your also better off collecting legit opt-in emails. Importing emails is dangerous also I don’t know a company that will allow 1 mill emails to be imported unless they want to go out of business the next day. I don’t even import paypal customer emails anymore I just hope their opt in email matches their paypal.

Only shortcut I can think of is doing ad swaps (to speed up opt-in process)


yes it’s a 100. But you can make sure that your email should reach the receivers. You can even use automation tools like Yesware or Also, you can create more gmail accounts :slight_smile:

I used to send 170k emails in one campaign/ twice a
month with elastic email. This provider was recommended to me by Thomas of Hubuco.

Any email providers will ban you from sending emails through them if you get a lot of complaints and bounce
rate. Also, elastic email will require you to buy an IP from them
for better delivery rate which is like $27 a month in one IP. You would be able to configure a lot of “IT” things here from your domain.

That 170k emails were captured during our "vote for "
campaigns in 3 months… but after having huge amount of bounce rate, I had to verify those email through Hubuco. and it went down to 70k emails. So those voters
emails were fake and we had to audit the winner and disqualify.

to make the long story short, it’s very affordable compared to mailchimp, but it works like one. Try it.


any idea about linux centos?
i need to create an stmp to send out e mail as this is best option left since all social media become too complicated. i would appreacite if U can help me understand this point ddd