Sending autoDMs possible now?

I’ve been reading several threads lately where people seem to be using autoDMs again.
For several months now it was difficult to send even 2-3 DMs in a day before getting blocked and many other users here had reported the same issues so most had stopped using them completely.

Has this been resolved now and we can send more DMs per day without that many issues?
And around how many can you send per day currently without getting blocked?
Also is EB or API better/safer for sending DMs right now?

Yes, it’s possible but you need to stay logged out of your phone, use good proxies if you’ve got multiple IG accounts, use Scraper/Main accounts method, limit the number of DMs to 20 per day. That’s the winning formula :smiley:

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Ok cool, i’ll give it a try.
Are you using EB or API to send autoDMs?

@terryoi I send 2-3 DMs per hour and have been doing this for 3 months and I have not gotten any blocks

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Ok that’s good to hear.
Are you using EB or API to send DMs?

API has been working well for me

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Cool, so API just for the DMs or for everything (f/u, likes etc) ?

I’ve only been using it for DMs but if you look through some other threads you can find advice from others on what is working best for them and their preferences for EB or API.