Sending automated SFS requests


I think a lot of you are familiar with SFS, I started from the phone, but switched over to jarvee and doing it manually there, since it’s faster to ask for SFS there.

My question, is it possible to scrape the people that I’m doing SFS with, then sending out all the SFS requests automated? if so, what is the limit for sending DM’s to people I’ve already spoken with before? Right now, manually I get no blocks while sending DMs, I got actually really bored since I’m doing this right now and it takes a lot of time when you’re doing 300-600 DMs on one account!

Thanks, but at this time I’m not interested :slight_smile:

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There’s a feature in Jarvee’s Direct Messages tool to extract all usernames that you can use to export all users that you chatted with.

Then you can import them to Contact tool and send them automated messages from there.

Or you can simply use Direct messages tool to communicate with them since it’s easier than on phone.

Thank you, do you know about any limits? Since manually I can do 100+ without any blocks, maybe since we already have DMed before?

I’ve acutally switched from from the phone to Jarvee Direct Messages doing it manual there, since I think I did all the requests like 2x faster on the computer :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s definitely easier on PC than on phone. Especially with multiple accounts and Global Tools > IG Direct messages where you can access all your IG accounts at one place.

I don’t know exactly, but I think someone here mentioned that they can send a lot more messages if they already started the conversation. You won’t know the limit until you try it :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for your answer, I appreciate it so much! :slight_smile: Gonna see tomorrow if I can get this work, and update here :wink:

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No problems, here to help :slight_smile:
Yep, let us know the limits please.

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I’ve did a small test right now, extracted about 25-30 users, added specificuser/USERNAME and then sendt the extracted accounts to “Use Extracted Users”, then on “Add messages to selected users” I added my message: “sfs”. Added it to send messages list, then I go to “send messages”, Wait between 1 or 2 minutes before each operation"
“Send between 15-20 messages for each operation. With a delay between 30-60 seconds between each message”

This worked well!

Going to try to add more messages at each operation and a delay between 10-20 second between each message and see how it goes.


Cool, keep us posted please. Regards

How many messages were you able to send?

I’ve tested with around 30 people/messages, tomorrow I will run a bigger test with 300-400

Extracting 433 users now from my DM’s, may be some random ho*ny guys since I did not remove any accounts but my own accounts, but they would love me to send them a dm anyway! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll run the tool as soon as I come home, I’m currently at work and my shift ends in 20-25min.
And yeah, I get payed by my work to chill on Instagram, gas station life in these corona times, lost a lot of customers so I have a lot of dead time lol…

These are the settings I’m going to run:

My Syntax:

Edit: If I succeed this, I gonna beat my self up for not doing this before, since its so boring and uses a lot of time doing this manually :joy:

Small Update:

Got temporary block for 6h after 179 DM’s sent, I’ll try to change some of my settings from my previous post.

All you had to do is ask :smiley:

I think you’re doing too many messages. Wouldn’t 150 per day be enough?

Haha yes sure! :smiley:

It might be too many, but on of my other accounts, I sent around 350 without any special block :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s the safest thing to do. I am sending 20 DMs per day and it’s going steadily but without blocks and other problems.

I know, but I’m sending to people I’ve already had an conversation with, asking for sfs (shoutout for shoutout). Instead of doinh it manually, which I could do and use 3h every time, I’m testing with automation

Yeah, but why risk it? It’s not like you have 1000s of people you wanna contact for s4s, right?

Better keep it slow and steady.

In a couple of days

We made a video yesterday with a guy from my settings team. Maybe it will be useful to someone, but not in English.

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