Sending mass Instagram dms

Is there any service were I can get dms sent to my followers but not with my account just like Instagram mentions

That would be risky sending DMs to people that they are not followers

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U can use jarvee, and extract your followers, and then add them to your other account that will send dms, but yes as mrspuf said if you send it to people that are not followers, you will get blocked or even banned easy. If you have really good warmed up account with good trust score, then you might be able to do it, but I recommend that you follow them first on the second account also, and then send them dm.

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sure you can do it and there is ALOT of apps to do it its just risky and your account may get suspended

I’m wondering. Can IG trace and track all your Dm’s content? Using it to possible flag you as spam across all accounts? I’m wondering since it would essentially mean breach of privacy, no?

I’m only talking about the spintax itself. Not wether it auto attaches an image which clearly isnt possible through the phone in combination with text and the fact that it could auto detect links but not necessairly which kind of link. So i’m just talking about the spintax

I was thinking the same, but then I saw they are not putting any blocks on my accounts where I send messages manually, on 10-15 accounts, not a single block or anything, and I am sending there messages with no spintax at all haha, same message every time, 10 messages at once on each profile.

I’m trying to see what’s triggering my occassional waves. I remembered getting waves by spam commenting so it was easy to say. Now that i’m not commenting anymore i’m wondering what triggers it. Some suggest the way of creation but then again accounts bought, signed in and manually prepared were also hit.

All these accounts are aged, they have like 20k or more followers, gained with follow/unfollow mostly trough years, so I think trust score is much more important now but who knows. There is some limit around 14 messages now I think that you can send at once, with no break. Then I get message they couldn’t create new message when I try to send more, but they never block me, in a 3-4 hours I send another wave of 10 messages haha and I could send 3-4 times daily like that, when I go more then it just doesn’t create new messages until tomorrow, like it can’t send them, but again no blocks or anything

I’d have to agree with below you can export your follower list to jarvee once you’ve scraped.

You can then use fan pages to send dm’s to these pages with whatever you were wanting to draw their attention to