Sending out 1000 emails to old customers

Hello I have a customer list of over 1000 old customers. I had to close my store for 7 months. No I am back with a new site but the customer don’t find me.

What is the best way to message them? I would even give them a 20% Coupon Code.
But I have to make sure the emails will arrive in their email folder.


Use some of the online email spam testing services that will check your email and rate it on whether or not it will most likely be perceived as spam. Your bigger threat though will be landing in promotional tabs for gmail users (for that I’d try using a mix of images with your call to actions in your email rather than text.

Also with a dormant email list mail out SLOWLY…like maybe 10-20/hr slowly. Drip it so that any bad emails or spam complaints don’t quickly shut down the rest of your campaign then clean up your mailing list from bounces and such for further mailings

I assume try Emailing them but also try to contact them if possible on social media as well to double your chances.

if you can get hold of their social media accounts I would say that is better than emailing them otherwise all you can do is mass email them and give them a great offer that they can’t refuse.

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thanks, my sales are now 1/4 of my old sales…I will ry anything to get back to the old level

Like everybody else has said to drip them slowly…I like lemlist for personalized email campaigns… it won’t get them all in one day but it will help you do a great job on a marketing campaign…

Do you have social media accounts? Have you considered posting the offer there as well for your old customers? There’s a chance that your customers are also into social media nowadays.

yeah, I know the feeling just make sure to ease them up slowly you can try what I suggested by using their social profiles that’s what I did in the past and it worked like a charm.

I email them 50 at once. A few hundreds per day with a big 40% discount code. I try it again and again.

I sometimes out one of my own gmail adresses into the recipients and with the gmail/gmx adresses the message arrives at my folder (not spam). I also received responses from old clients, some already made an order.

Does that mean NONE of the emails go to spam?

yeah most likely or at least not all of them, I guess you are on the right track, good luck with your work.

This can always work, depending on the goal