Sending out 1000 Twitter Dm's day?

Hello I use Jarvee but with 100 accounts I maybe send out 300/day. I only welcome new followers and have pretty conservative settings.

I throught about a different way, maybe with Phantombuster…
To set up 5 Accounts on proxy and let them send 200 DM’s/day per account.

Would it work with a bitly link, maybe a free trial, so people go to the site and sign up to get the freebie.

1000 DM’s = maybe 5% open the link if its free service (for my targeted niche) ?

Would that work?

Are you saying that you are able to send 100 DMs per day from a single Twitter account? does your message contain a link or just normal text?

The official DM limit per account is 1000/day. Thats Twitter policy BUT oc course sending the same or very similar content or even links increases the chance of getting blocked or reported as spam and therefore suspended etc

Didn’t know that the limit is set that high.

yes that’s correct when you send the same exact content to users it will cause you blocks that’s why you should spin your DMs and it doesn’t matter with what software you send them if you keep sending the same you will get blocked

so you change the CONTENT while sending 1000dm/day or same content

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I never used spintax…can Icreate many different messages with it?

I dont understand why programms like JARVEE I cant just put a bunch of different messages and Jarvee randomly choose the messages to be sent out.

how do you get 100 new followers daily with only one account ? :thinking:

Jarvee can send out different messages IF you incorporate spin syntax on your message text. :wink: You can refer to Spin Syntax for more details.

You can add your messages like this to make Jarvee choose a random message each time it sends out a message:
{message 1|message 2|message 3}

Of course, using multi-level spin syntax is better than the spin syntax above. @Jessi has shared with you the tutorial on how to create good spin syntax.

If you offer more value than your competitors in the same niche, it ought to work. But do you have a fallback plan in case if an account gets blocked? 200 DM’s/day seems like a lot.

I tried with 2 twitter and dm less than 20 each day
One was asked to do a phone verify
How do you pass the phone verify

Use real sim cards, because they will ask you to phone verify again using the same number.

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Been doing this for IG too, so I buy a couple of local sim cards and place them on old/spare phones. Even the keypad phones (non-android, non-touchscreen) will do since you will just need to get the text they send via SMS.

That’s normal. Sooner or later you will be asked to do a phone verification for the other account as well. Even aged accounts will be asked for PV if you send DMs with them. The PV happened only once on my accounts. It’s not the same as IG.

Where should we order real sim cards? One of my account was suspended 3 days after I sent less than 30 dms per day
That is so sad

That can be done with spintext bro. You can spin whole message with the help of spintext. You just need to separate whole message by using|(separator sign) instead of similar words. I used this way many times. If you are not able to do it by your self just send all your different messages to me by PM I will create spintext format for you and send back to you. You just need to copy the exact text I send you. I will be happy to help you.

For a 1000 different messages you gotta have a really strong spintext applied into your message text :slight_smile: