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Hey team

As I’ve moved away from Instagram and mostly all social media outside of running my own paid ads, I’ve moved more and more towards SEO, specifically for my new business, which is slowly making its way to the top of local search results after just on month of work.

SEO is something I’ve experimented with quite a bit on this very forum, ranking various threads and creating valuable backlinks to some of my own resources, while simultaneously helping the community in the process for free.

I feel that I no longer have anything of value to add where social media is concerned, as there are plenty of experts on this forum doing daily tests that I no longer partake in.

Where I can, however, add significant value is in an SEO dedicated section on the forum, if one is created.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who would enjoy this, and it would in itself expand the forum into a whole new world of potential users and search terms.

I’d love to share ideas and tips on SEO to help everyone with their own sites rank and improve. It also opens massive backlinking and content sharing opportunities between all users on the site.

Let’s see who else is interested!

Looking forward to sharing thoughts with you as always.

Would You Like to See an SEO Section on mpsocial?

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100% Yes! Never touched SEO myself but was always interested in :+1:


I voted yes, because having more topics to talk about is always a good thing. The community needs new blood to keep growing and stay healthy!


Honestly, it would be worth having the section since those essentials founded my Social Media “Success” thus far.

Can’t have one without acknowledging the other.

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@HenryCooper @iam.evo @Gtamaster

Thanks for the valuable input. Agree on all fronts!

@RustyBread would love to know your contrary opinion? I’m all for the forum going in the direction that the community wants it to! So share your thoughts with us. I’m interested to know any reasons that this wouldn’t be a great idea. Especially considering MP and JV have Quora, Reddit and Tumblr functionality already!

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Although we created the forum for social media marketing discussions, this is a good idea.

All of us are here to discuss SMM and money-making methods (I know, I know, we discuss how to grow accounts, but in the end, it’s all about making money :smiley: )

Since SEO also is one of the ways to get traffic (make money, again :joy:), I also think we should add that category.

However, I’m not the only one who is making the decisions, so, let’s see what @Johnny thinks.


@embraceone I see you are already working on SEO for your new business
Unfortunately, you’ll have to find other places to get backlinks from.

You know that’s not allowed here, and we can’t make exceptions :slight_smile:

Edit: good try, I almost missed the link :slight_smile:


I also missed it, getting old so fast :disappointed:


Wouldn’t it be easier to set links to ref="nofollow"for specific user-groups/site wide? Then @embraceone can try as he likes, but his links will be worth nothing SEO wise :slight_smile:


Haha was hoping you’d catch me out to be honest, @Adnan! But that was just another test to check a few things. I’m not looking to boost my domain auth directly from links on mpsocial, but I think that (just like with social media engagement groups) if we’re all having the discussion and collaborating, that is where the opportunities would come from.

@HenryCooper Got to keep you on your toes, old man :wink:

@schoko I don’t think that discourse forum backlinks generally count towards a domain rating as I can’t find them on backlink checkers when I run tests. So they’re already not adding much. It’s better when content that benefits the community is created and linked to, because then that content can thrive and everyone wins. It also brings more people to the forum through Google SERP.


Because I might have been wrong and they are already nofollow -


SEO is such a big thing that ive ignored up until now, would be great to dive into that rabbit hole too!

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Yeah, they are. But it’s always nice to have some nofollow links too :slight_smile: to mix up :slight_smile:

Also, both kind of links bring traffic, and traffic is important for SEO, directly or indirectly (people visit site, read, share it somewhere else so you get backlinks from there).


I’m interested in this too! I’m looking to rank some publications to maybe get the IG blue check? :thinking:


Yes please!! Have been doing solely web design and SEO in the last few months

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That’s a good idea (I voted for it).

I’ve been involved with SEO too and there are several transferable skills between SMM and SEO. Or between paid social media ads and paid search ads.

Looking forward to see the new section going live :slightly_smiling_face:

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