SEPT 2019 Action blocks: TEMP FIX [METHOD]

I’ve been successfully cutting down on my action blocks to where my accounts are actually at a usable and stable state.

Proxies = Mix of ipv4 & Mobile 4g ( I create my own and used @ciras top tier location based proxies.

Account age = Accounts created in 2015 or older are performing much better than fresh accounts for obvious reasons. the only place I know where to buy aged accounts this old are from buyaccs

Method if account is action blocked, via follow tool.

IMPORTANT: This methods works waranting your settings are up to date, specifically using the EB and scrapers.

  1. Stop all Tools
  2. Login through JV EB
  3. Try to follow someone on explorer page.
  4. If action blocked Logout of account. If not continue at step 10.
  5. Choose the option to remove account from Instagram inside the browers or do not save account info.
  6. Log back in through the browser.
  7. Go to explorer page and try to follow someone.
  8. If you can not follow, Logout in EB.
  9. Clear cookies and repeat steps 2-7.
  10. If you successfully followed one account in the browser stop all tools for 3 days.
  11. After the 3 days start tool slowly at 5-10 follows a day.

This method has successfully kept my accounts running including some fresh accounts I recently added.


Sounds good. Thanks for share. But it would be full pain to manage hundreds of blocked accounts :grin:


Thanks, will try it out and see if this helps

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thanks myn We will give it a try and see how it goes

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I’m glad this is working for you, but for some reason my worse blocks experiences are with EB, i’m doing ok with just Api, assuming i’m not automating during fridays.


Interesting method, Jay! I was doing something quite similar towards the end and I’ll have to agree with @postercamp on his point in that regard. But if it’s working and you’re willing to put in the effort, then kudos! Keep us posted on whether it continues to work.


@BrotherJoseph This Friday thing is just out of hand. :laughing:


Yes thank you - the shitty part is that running automation these days Basically means spending hours logging in and out of accounts

Hey guys, I contacted JV and about adding this method in automation and they responded with great news. I dont know the rules on sharing their info but lets just say in a week we should be alot happier and in two weeks we should feel blessed :slightly_smiling_face:

friend, thank you for your advice…I want to ask you something , where I find this option?:

Choose the option to remove account from Instagram inside the browers or do not save account info.

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If you havent choosen to save your account info in the EB you will get this message when you logout

If you have choosen to save your account info, you will get this message when you logout


I completely agree, thankfuly Jarvee is making some edits here soon.

Good to hear some of you guys are wiling to put in the legwork to test and figure out what works and what doesn’t. For sure, stay strong!

What proxies are you using?

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what about an account that is API blocked? I have one in that state for 1 week now

Try the method above if that doesnt work clear cookies. If that doesnt work clear device ID’s and if that doesnt work wait another 3 days and retry again.

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So you’re saying it’s not good to keep account information?

Some of my accounts are running just fine with account information saved so I wouldn’t go as far as saying its bad, but if I get blocks removing account information helps eleviate the blocks.

Thank you friend

use alternative embedded browser cookies storage<–Should I use this?

I’ve seen somewhere around here,that enabling that feature fixed login issues. Its worth a test.

logout from embedded browser when follow using eb is blocked<-Do you think it would work?

I use this method and it only seems to work for a few hours before being blocked again.
I have a few accounts that I have no remedy for and have tried basically everything.
Just not sure what to do at this point, but hope that JV will eventually fix the API issues, but it has been over two months and still no updates of any consequence.