September Earning report

Traffic arbitrage is real deal man. we grew our Instagram account to 240,000 real users. Specific niche.

Looking forward to scale,


How did you do this? What Product/Service are you selling?

No products. Just driving traffic to contents

how many clicks generate $193 revenue?


What provider are you using?

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how is this done? could you explain for a noob? :slight_smile:

0.15-25$ for USA visitors. rest is 0.10$ per click. We have to drive at least 20,000 visitor per day to achieve such result.

Just normal Marketing. using instagram swipe ups

how to apply for this?

do you have high audience instagram/facebook pages?

but how you can drive traffic from instagram

Swipe ups? lol

pls explaine me what is this Swipe ups:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Swipe ups are available to account’s with more than 10,000 followers. You post contents to your website and link it to your instagram story, people read the contents and click on the ad. and you make 0.10-2$ per clicks.

really i have an account with 30k and never use this option lol

Nice. But what is your purpose in this post? Are you sharing the method?
You get paid per click by your clients, no matter if the user buys, rather than on commission?

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This is purely and advertisement for something. Unsure what - but likely trying to get as many DMs as possible to then sell some kind of shit.



not yet. in the future hopefully yes

Only with 240k followers ? That’s great !

We are. Not selling anything. Check my previous posts to see what am really talking about