Server with software slow af


I’ve been noticing that my server seems to be terrible slow even though i’m paying for a strong one. I thought it was the memory that was hitting limits but it’s not at all. At its peak i’m at 86%.

I contacted ‘x’ support about it and i did delete what they suggested me to delete but to no avail. I restarted my server too.

What is slowing down my automation software? It becomes unworkable at times. Strange thing is the dashboard is showing the actions without loss of speed. Couple of actions each second so pretty fast.


For sure, EB’s activities.
They consume a lot of memory …

But still if it’s not even above 86%. Kind of annoying

Same here, that start today!. Im study the case.

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where you buy a VPS?

Greencloud. Been very happy with all of it, good customer support but it feels almost that Jay isnt optimized anymore with the EB workarounds

Open Chrome and try Test the connection?

400+mb/s is the result

Edit: 500 even

what number do you have set up there


It’s default set at 100 in my case

Reduce to 50, and restart Jarvee.
Then tell me

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are All of your accounts set to use EB only?

They are set to EB when blocked so i’m not sure how many ar actually running on EB. I notice 20 instances of Jarvee which i assume are the opened EB

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Try to set the default to 15

But that would mean that it would log out the longest one opened? Possibly triggering EV? Or am i wrong.

I’m not sure to be honest, I hope someone else can answer this

That worked for me, it wasn’t super slow but helped a bit.

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Nice!! im very happy for this

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There is a much cheaper option than Greencloud! Use Contabo instead! They have the lowest prices! 10 Eur/ month for 4 cores and 8 GB RAM. (I am not affiliated).

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how’s their support and uptime?

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