Service Recommendation (SEO, Writers, etc.)

I see no thread about it. So I will start this.

I’m looking for some good SEO service and freelance writers. I looked up on BHW and there’s plenty so I don’t know who to trust, any advice?

My 2 websites will be legit websites, no spam, cpa, dropshipping, …

About SEO I have a couple resources, just have no time at the moment. For the writing part it’s a combination of not being a writer, not being native english speaker, not having time.

My fear is paying for SEO and receive a bad service(not improving SEO or making it worse by using bad tactics), unfair service (overpaying), etc.
Or paying for someone to write and finding out later they write worse than me, they put no effort in researching the topic, they have no idea of SEO when writing content.

But of course resources are limited, so I don’t even want to spend 100$ for 500 words or 5K$ for a SEO expert.

There’s no bad reviews on BHW, only positive ones, so they seem all good.

Any good recommendation from your experience?

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i use SENUKE TNG for my websites, its almost like mp in ease of use. i was paying an seo expert and it was costing me way too much. The articles are automated but if you invest in WORD AI , like i did , you will get some very high quality articles. g


Check out

I just hired a VA there and it’s saving me loads of time. Only paying $250/month for 40 hours work per week. Although SEO services will cost more.

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By watching the video it seems too good to be true, I’ll do some research.
I don’t believe in “automagically” improve my SEO lol, but if it helps the price is not bad.

Thanks bgfit, I’ll see what I can find there,

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I posted my job a few weeks ago. It was a simple job but I got over 100 applicants. You just have to weed thru them to find the good ones, and there are really good ones on there.

They are highly intelligent and very friendly. $250/month is actually good pay for lower skill set. Good luck. :grinning:

You can search for good writers on WF too. They have tons of them and they are affordable. I just ordered some from a seller and all is good. I can pm you his url if you need

have seen their adds all over BHW and was wondering how effective it is. Are you getting good results with this? How much of a learning curve is there?