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I am experiencing a weird issue with jarvee recently

A lot of accounts that I am running are only reaching 70% of daily follow that needs to be done (roughly 120 instead of 195).
All accounts are for client management only (real & aged accounts)
All of them following via EB
I used a high-end dedicated server + 4g for each account proxies
My filters are very light

Any criticism or feedback would be appreciated

Thank you in advance


I also have this problem here.
It seems to me that this is due to the “EB” option
Because it needs more memory from your computer or VPS and with larger amounts of accounts and larger amounts of shares (follow, likes etc. all together) It does not make it and therefore does not perform as much as it has planned.
You need really good equipment for EB.

Everyone has been saying you need a better vps

I am currently running
1Gbps Port

Not enough?

Hum, somehow I face some same problems with some similar accounts to yours.
I really think there’s a lot of “action” that don’t have time to be done, or do note stick, or do not end to the “follow”, or like, after the time it scraped by EB, but it does not achieve to do the enough about, even with higher settings.
I’m currently testing some more agressive ones, that are planed to do more, but maybe they will just be able to achieve 180-200.
Still warming up and testing,
but i do not think its from the vps! my POV !

120 follows is pretty good. I have my accounts set up to follow 200 a day, but most are only following about 50ish. Two different VPS.

for how much accounts?

If you have enough accounts you can test.

Follow by EB always with some and by EB when blocked with others - if the ones that always use EB have less follows we know it’s a problem with the VPS being slow using the EB.

If this doesn’t give a clear view, change your settings - follow more than minimum 4 per operation for example,

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Yeh, it seems like API definitely gets the ball rolling faster but it is always subject to action block.
So sticking to eb seems to be the most stable option.
However, not reaching the daily limit is a bit frustrating.

How strong should the VPS be you reckon?

might also be your intervals between actions, I have discovered that longer variance in intervals works better ex 15-74

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Is it the delay between each actions? You reckon make it less?
Thank you :smiley:

not less, longer variance. Refer to my example.

Check to see if you’re getting a notification for the account(s) in question telling you to refine your settings, I.e. “The search took more than 20 minutes and was aborted”. If this is the case, make sure you’ve checked ‘skip wait time when no more results’ under the ‘remove poor quality sources’ header. Also; simply loosening up your filter settings slightly could fix the problem.

thanks. I’ve been experimenting and still having trouble getting to the max 195 even tho the eta amount of followers is 500 follows :frowning:

To recapitulate:

  • Check if VPS resources are enough.
  • Check that your intervals are not interfering with night mode ir vice versa .
  • EB is slower than API.
  • Are you running large story views or a lot of browser experience?

With this setting, how many users you can follow per day successfully?
I think it’s really hard to reach your follow setting, will you get Action Blocks?
Good to know, thank you!

For VPS check out Contabo.

Hi Runnin

Thank you for your valuable response as always
No, not running a lot of story views. And just follow and unfollow via EB

it should be following average 30 per hour but it is only reaching 10 per hour

I used to have my own bot – 200 accounts (chrome browsered) can easy run on 8cores/16GB server all simultaneously. it is just a Jarvee not managing the browser correctly or you just did not update the limit in settings for the amount of EB.

What do you mean by update the limit for the amount of EB?