Setting up a proper Jarvee platform!?

I have a couple of questions.

1, Am setting up Jarvee as one of my tools for my agency since i need it for Instagram, facebook and LinkedIn, the first question is: do you think Jarvee is the best tool for what it does or is there any better that can work with all platforms in volume accounts?

2, Am thinking of setting up my own VPS with everything, what exactly do i need on a check list? And compare to getting a finished package at a 3rd party whats the pros and cons?

3, Best 4g mobile proxy?

4, DO i need a VPN if i have Proxy?

5, Other things to keep in mind setting up a bigger setup for around 150+ accounts?

Thanks and stay safe!

Hey @romeosundin

  1. I am using JV mostly for scheduled posting. But it is also one of the best software for doing any kind of automation. DMing, liking, commenting, following, viewing stories. Where I think JV lacks is in scrapping. I personally switched to my own solution and began to buy data from others
  2. VPS is perfectly fine. Make sure you are getting a Windows-Server with much RAM, since JV is not the most performant software :wink: If you have 150+ accounts you’ll need a monstertruck.
  3. That is totally up to you. I personally use the proxies from @verona and i am very happy with them.
  4. No, you don’t need a VPN if you have a Proxy
  5. I would never start with such a heavy load if you are just starting. You’ll get across of some issues at the start. So is best to start with a small test sample and scale gradually. Also what are 150+ accounts used for. If its not the actions a mentioned above, i would reconsider my decision do use JV.


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Yes, I am using Jarvee as well and all recommendations really go for Jarvee. Yes, 4G Mobile proxies are the best and if you’ve got proxies then there is no need for VPN.

Also, if you’re planning to run 150+ accounts then you should consider purchasing some really strong and fast VPS. I suggest hetzner VPS if planning to run that many accounts.

@Jaha Thank you for respond. I read thst scrappers are not the best at Jarvee? And what do you think about OVH? i get some really strong 8v core with 32gb VPS for 100usd per month.

I use OVH for my development as well and its working well since i have my own system developer. If i want something even cheaper i get Contabo wich is ok but not scalable.

@crylonblue Thank you for respond.
Yeah am looking in a scalable vps so the more busy the better server.
Where do you recommend to buy scrappers from? And what would you say on how many scrappers per account (With account i mean 1 insta, 1 facebook, 1 LinkedIn account) with a 4g proxy? thanks.

Jarvee is indeed the best in the market by far, it has so many tools and options that you can work with and devs are always updating it.

You need a good machine, it depends on how many accounts/actions you are going to do, if you give us more details about that we will help you with the right VPS configuration I can see that you said 150 accounts but is that only IG or multiple social platforms?

you can have 2-3 accounts per proxy that should be good.

Thanks @Luca for the reply.
Yeah i want to get it ready for 150+ accounts and for me 1 account is 1 clinet which usually have insta, facebook and LinkedIn.
I have the choice to use services where they have all setups or else i need to buy all things from everywhere and set it up on my own side. Whats your thoughts about that buddy?

what do you mean by buying all things from everywhere? not sure what are you referring to.

@Luca For example i can buy from providers like Proxy doctor with everything fully setup and ready to go or i can buy perticiluar things. I like to have control and have as much as possible on my side.

For $100 you can rent 2-3 servers at hetzner.

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better getting things from different providers especially if you don’t know some trusted ones and you are in a testing phase until you find what works for you.

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“You’d definitely need 4G mobile proxies, the best quality your budget lets you have. Yes if you use proxies, you don’t need VPNs.
Do you mind sharing if you’re buying these 150+ accounts from a seller or setting them up manually? For a bigger set up, something to always keep in mind is that you do not want to come across account bans, so you’ve got to be very careful while setting up the actions/interval. Also, don’t ever let your accounts function without proxies, IP changes often trigger bans too. The IPs where the accounts are created matters, too, so make sure that’s similar to the IPs where the accounts are run over the long term.”

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Thank you for reply @MountProxies so this is my clients so i build there branding online.
I will setup 4g proxies, IPv6 and scrapers (4-6 each) so slaves will work for the master not to risk there account. Yeah am using USA proxies for USA clients and European for europe proxies and so on :slight_smile: Am not doing more the 150 activities maximum per day, 120 is the average of all the things i read on here that people post. Let me know your thoughts.