Setting Up Own 4G Proxies Using VPN. Help Needed

With all the blocks going on currently I’m looking into ways I could possibly run my accounts from a UK based 4G sim that I could connect to my Jarvee accounts hosted on a VPS (currently using the free Amazon one).

Does anyone know how this is possible?

And also how many accounts could I safely run per 4G connection and how could I have more than one set-up to allow me to have a larger number of accounts?

I appreciate there may be some content on here already about but I couldn’t find anything specific when I searched so feel free to link to other threads if someone has already covered this.

I’m hoping doing this may keep my accounts a lot safer.

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I think you mean VPS… Anyway you need a proxy 4g. In my experience if you don’t have tons of accounts to run it’s better to run them on a pc connected to the home wifi. (for 1/4 account will be ok)

Wont solve your issues.

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Yes VPS (Just edited) :slight_smile:

My main issue is I’m running a mac and I also travel a lot so even buying a PC and keeping it running at home is difficult as if something went wrong I wouldn’t always have access to sort it :confused:

How come? Any thoughts are appreciated

You can be fine with 9 acc/proxy. Run them in 3 batches, for 8 hours each.


Ok, yes. You can use a VPS, with proxy 4g. I usually use a proxy for 4 account, 1 account every 6 hours, every 6 hours the IP switch, so every account have a fresh ip. But I heard of people that run 10 account on 1 proxy4g

How do you connect this to the VPS exactly?

You have to connect to the vps using your Mac. Install JV on the vps.
Inside JV there is a section dedicated for the proxy.

Running 4G on your home computer with Jarvee can be done with ccproxy, port forwarding you homes IP can be done to another external VPS through the hub though some provides will not allow the IP to used in some countries. Port forwarding a 4G IP (proxy) can be complex as the IPs hub is with the phone company, you`ll need a another hub to manage the 4 proxies.

I`m only using 4G at home at the moment!

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