Shadow Ban on Weed IG account?

Hey Yall,

I run a weed account that was getting 100k+ reach from the explore page. About two weeks ago, the account suddenly stopped growing and reach fell to 10k. I have never automated this page. This page was grown 100% organically. Any idea if IG is targeting weed accounts?

did you use banned hashtags? Sometimes too many posts under certain hashtags get flagged and they will ban (sometimes temporary) the hashtags and if you use any of those hashtags, you will get shadowbanned.

yes and no used to use hashtags but not recently

I have about 20 weed accounts. None are as big as yours though. Got 5-10 in the 50-80k range and a bunch in the 5k-25k range. My engagement and growth has dropped significantly past couple of months. Talking to other people in our niche they have been hit as well.

Try turning it into a personal account, try not using hashtags at all, try also replying to every comment within the first 5 minutes or so .

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interesting, have you done this before? I have never done automation. I think IG just hates weed

Yes, in and out of shadowban a couple times I got shadowbanned because of non relevant hashtags not because automation, as far as you do not do many actions youre good to do automation too