Shadow ban tips for a big account

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Wondering if anyone might have some insight/experience with this. We acquired a very large account a few months ago. Our numbers started dropping immediately despite content staying relatively similar and the amount of churn just seemed very off to me. I did notice that despite our views staying an average of 80% what they were before we were handling the account, the comments dropped by half (very likely they were part of an engagement group and this is the reason).

Lately i noticed that our numbers were dropping 3x faster and have since discovered that we are shadow banned (for anyone who’d like to check this, hashtag a post with a hashtag which isn’t often used, log into another account and search the hashtag to see if your post appears - if it doesn’t, you are shadow banned)

Anyway - so i’m doing what I can to lift/ride out the ban. Apparently sending a report to IG doesn’t do much good, I’ve heard that deactivating the account for a couple of weeks does the trick but it seems high risk considering the size of the account. So i am simply laying off posting for now - what id like to know is; do i also need to cease all other activity?? I’m still liking posts and sending out a lot of messages - anyone have experience as to whether this slows down getting rid of the shadow ban?

If anyone can help in general with growing this account please get in touch - I’m considering engagement groups but haven’t found the right one for me yet. We can offer good exposure on FB as well as instagram, we have a few very large accounts on insta and a massive massive FB audience. Thanks!

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Any idea why did you get banned? With “we adquired” you mean that you bought it, right? Did it start the dropping when you started to use it?


What makes you think this is an accurate test? Are you talking about recent posts or top9 posts?

Also it is really hard to make assumptions if we don’t know the account .

Is there a reason you are sending out messages? If it is for gaining followers that is a bad idea . If it is for marketing , this could be one of the reasons why you account is losing trust score .


@HenryCooper How can you test it accurately? I always used this method and other people suggested the same on this forum.

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It’s the test most people have recommended. Not checking the top 9, just general hashtag feed (most recent). We send out messages both to make connections with other accounts for working together and also for content permissions. Is it the amount of messages that could affect the trust score? Because it isn’t that many and its only recently that i have been sending messages from this particular account.


We bought it yes, but i wasn’t part of the buying process so i have limited info on how it was performing before we got it - i believe it was dropping even before we go it.


Hi @Vega_may, I do a lot of research on this topic. It can be any reason at all for a shadow ban. If you are comfortable sending me the account details I will look into it when I have time.

Main reasons for hashtag ghosting or shadow ban:

The account is considered spammy in nature or has been reported as being spammy or for other reasons.

Use of newly made “branded” hashtags or banned or semi restricted tags.

Too many tags per post, including other users adding them in comments.

Too many account “mentions” or tagging too many per post or in comments.

Questionable content that may have been reported or otherwise tripped a filter.

While reporting the issue does not do anything immediately, it should force the account or tag to be reviewed by a human at Instagram or Facebook. Having it linked to a legit facebook page should help the issue, some people report unlinking them and then relinking them works (most likely FB trying to force ads for accounts promotion).

Anyhow, as @HenryCooper mentioned, we can’t really help since we know nothing about the account or it’s history. Even then it’s just a trial and error thing sometimes.


This the best way to keep account safe from shadowban, if the account can’t show on recent or top post, change the hastag like what @wortime suggest. We can still finded by people who searching by deep hastag.

I’ve been using this tool to check shadowban:


I usually use that tool and the hashtag search if I am suspicious of something. I’ve also noticed that many people who buy these big accounts have their engagement drop after they buy them and that’s probably because of the reasons listed above

So If I unlink my ig from Facebook business page (Andy make my ig personal) then re link, this may lift the shadow ban?

that site has been proven to be a fake… no work, it’s a landing page.

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there can be a book of reasons why. first and foremost check your hashtags. see if any banned for semi banned, if so…delete all those hashtags banned/semi banned. 2nd, make sure hashtags are spelled right, each one…this causes it also. one by one. then procced to the others @wortime mentioned in his message.