Shadow Banned with story's ? 17k with 12 story views?

Hi there…So a bit of a situation. My account been abandoned for few years, however last month i did try to post 1 random story and it still got over 800 views… Last night i changed my account back from private to public i posted few stories and account got 12 views in 24 HOURS ! , And the first 12 were in first like hour and for 20 hours it didnt had a single story view… Any idea on this ?

Seems like your account got flagged since IG wants to “protect” users from your stories :sweat_smile:
Just keep posting again and you should build up your trust score again.

do you know how long does taht take roughly ? am i talking 1 month /6 months , a year ? , i tried more but still keep getting 10 views lol .

You will start to see results in a few days like 10-15 days… but not like before… growth is going to be slow…
Reaching 800 views again could take upto 3 months (Not exactly buy yeah )… for now reach would increase from 10 to 20 and than 20 to 40 and it goes on and on. Keep in mind that the whole game depends on your work… Work for it… You will definitely achieve your goals …

Cheers Buddy :beers: