Shadowban Instagram Problem

This is my Page. I am from Romania, hi all.
I used 30 hashtags. One of them was #bogdanel. About 2 weeks ago a posting was deleted because it violates community rules. Since then, my post no longer appear in explore or on the hashtags page.
Before i had 50-100 new followers per day, now i can hardly keep the same numer for 1 week.
What to do?
Excuse me for bad English.

Wait 14 days and everything should return to normal :slight_smile:
Do not add hashtags these days and add fewer photos a week :slight_smile: Everything will return to normal.

And report a bug every day :slight_smile: Maybe something “speed up”:wink:


You can’t do much but wait for shadow to lift.
It’s temporary


Care to elaborate? Bold statement, would love for you to share your thinking behind it.


Always if the customer gets shadowban on his account.
I noticed in many cases if we do not use hashs while unlocking.
It quickly restores our visibility status, but not in every case it worked.
I advise everyone to eliminate the number of hashtags during the blockade, or not add or add, but the niche itself (very small number of posts).
Often also if you add your hashtag (IG username)
This also causes “shadowban” because:
A) People report the hashtag
B) Because he likes instagram this way: D
Also pay attention to it :slight_smile:


Not bold. Sometimes works much better


the account has recovered a bit, but it still doesn’t appear in the Explore tab. I can only see posts in hashtags from other accounts.