Shadowban officially confirmed

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Well “hiding inappropriate content” was already announced earlier. The “shadow ban” was speculated to be based on bad proxy, F/U activity, reposting, hashtag spamming etc.

Not all posts or accounts are eligible to be surfaced in Explore and hashtag pages. We use a variety of signals, for example, if an account has recently gone against our Community Guidelines, to determine which posts and accounts can be recommended to the community.

Automation is something instagram consider as going against their guidelines, so I will totally take this statement as a confirmation for the existence of the shadow ban. I also think that no one that have some experience running IG account had any doubt about it…

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It would be better if they warn you with a message “don’t do this kind of activity, because… and it would lead to a shadowban”

Good afternoon,

You can post links in Instagram posts like this:
Does Instagram penalize it?


Don’t think Instagram will penalize it!
Because they don’t allow to post a link on posts (just captions) So with the link I think it can not click -> Just a Caption.

If it is a false link, but I think it is not allowed, this account now does not go through any hashtag.

And I think it may be for that reason or by putting many hashtag in each publication

It never happened to me in this account.

As someone who does a ton of reposting campaigns, I don’t see that being a thing unless it’s categorized as spam or inappropriate.
Yeah, my campaigns that had too much cleavage were completely destroyed last year.
Everything else is doing better globally.

I’d love to hear about people who work with the memes, whether IG is categorizing those as spam or not.
Most meme accounts are shady, so it’s hard to tell if they’re just poorly run or were affected too.

Yes and no. I’ve seen what appears to be a panel for IG employees that can decide the fate of your account with a dead simple GUI.

The question is, did a human do it on purposes? Is it part of spam filter?

Their algo catches “controversial” hashtags, keywords etc and isolates them. Reporting works in the same way. A human being decides (IMO unless the hashtag or keyword rule is in effect) whether or not to shadow you, or leave it to the algo about how much exposure you get.


interesting, was this internal GUI panel from some sort of leak?

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Myself and others worked on the “shadow ban” issue pretty hard. Some is automated, some appears to be dealt with by humans. I can’t confirm 100% because I don’t work there. But all things point to it being legit.

Their algo determines things based on Trust score (I hate that word) and other data points that we can only guess at.

But yes, IGs algo says whether or not you get shadows banned, limited exposure etc, unless or until a human intervenes. FB hired a large number of people explicitly for this purpose a year or so ago.