Shadowban on all accounts

Every account I am creating is shadowbanned from start.
I created like 4-5 accounts already, tried different internet connections, 2 different devices, did some natural activities before start posting. For one account it worked for 1st video but later it became ghosted.

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Basically you f*cked up your device and flag your IP.
You can’t have more than 3 account on the same devise (as well you can’t create more than 3). Also It is not recommended to do it in a short frame time…


Agreed. It is going to be tough to overcome that…

You basically did it wrong, and got tracked and banned lol

So, what do you recommend to do? If some account get shadowbanned our Device + SIM is not valid anymore?

cant I just get a new sim card with a new phone number but use the same phone and because I have a new phone number I can start a brand new account and when it sends me the verification code via sms then everything will be fine???

What were you doing though to get yourself shadowbanned?

I mentioned that already. Those 5 accounts were created on 2 different devices and different networks. How did I fucked up?

The accounts were created throughout the week and not on same day.
Before uploading i did minor activities, liking and following and then waited few hours before uploading.
I even add musics from tiktok for every video.

Yes man but you mentioned already that all your videos make now 0 views, so doesn’t matter what you did to prevent it, it just didn’t work

So what could be the solution?

Shadowban is myth