Shadowban or something else?

Hi, friends! My hashtag reach is dropped drastically, only few people can see my posts via hashtags according to statistics, but my previous posts are still visible in top and reach number from feed didn’t change. Is it shadowban or Insta doing strange things again?

Happened the same to me… I don’t know if the F/UF makes an impact in the Hashtag reach, does anyone know if the F/UF reduce the hashtag reach?

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When you are shadowbanned,your hashtag reach is almost 0 or maybe 1 because I have personally experienced this.

If your reach is low then it is not a shadowban,I would suggest you that use early engagement within 30 mins to 1 hour to get likes from the Telegram Groups as they help a lot in hashtag reach.

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No,F/UF doesn’t effect your hashtag reach as I have seen people doing F/UF while at the same time hitting 10k+ people on hashtags while at 1-3k followers.

Your Early Engagement,Content,Hashtag Set,Posting Time,how your own audience reacts to your picture and the number of saves and shares decides the hashtag and explore reach.Also more the saves and shares from your own followers,more you will be pushed by the algorithm.

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Don’t forget in the last week, insta was down 3 to 5 times ( depending on what part of the world) Some of my big accounts got one-tenth of likes and reach because of it. It most likely is not your reach that went down but the result of insta not working in a big part of the world. See what happens next week


same here as well, I think what alexnvo said has a big impact on this week’s results, that been said you can change a bit your hashtags game and see next week’s results.

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