Shadowban - Real or Fake?

Instagram Shadowban - Real or Not ???

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Post inspired by @christophercameroncr so I thought I’d bring it up for everyone to debate :slight_smile:

Please include your experiences or examples below!


Hi paradox, how can I contact you?

Example of shadowban: When I was doing aggressive follow unfollow a year ago, (and repeatedly hitting blocks) I never could get hashtag reach no matter what.

Although I guess it doesn’t matter now in 2020 since hashtags barely work anymore :man_shrugging:t2:

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Definitely real, was gaining a bunch of followers in last week and I’ve committed a mistake yesterday and got a warning… now my ER dropped and 0 followers so far, I wonder how many days I need to wait until things go back to normal since my last shadowban lasted almost 3 months.
If someone has a tip and could share it I would be glad.

what mistake did you make?

I run a babe account and posted on stories an old IGTV of my page (to it get more views etc) but “censored” it with a emoticon, insta algorithm mistakes it with a naked photo and warned me lmao.
Lesson of the day, dont put hearts on your bikini photos.

Prove that shadowban is real:

So you were growing up until today when you lost 7 followers? Hopefully it will end by 2 weeks

How do you mean hashtags don’t work anymore?

I said they barely work anymore, i.e. hit or miss. Sometimes it’s amazing hashtag reach and other days its 1 account reached @Jaha

For me never worked, almost 1 year with this account and no matter what i post, the recent # doesnt show my posts.

Updating this post. Ive let my account rest for 3 days without even login… still shadowbanned.

Few nights ago I was reading Trump tweets where he complained on twitter and mentioned how twitter is shadowbanning :slightly_smiling_face: then I thought why would president mention it at all if its fake and myth…

I have an account losing followers for about 1 1/2 month after being growing 300-400 per day for months until got hit by a false positive of nudity too. I tried everything, changing proxies, rest the account for 1 week, clean cookies, work with a real phone, nothing does helps

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There’s another account which got blocked for PV and finally was able to rescue it, had 206K followers, lost followers until 190k, then started to gain again (I only repost 3 times per day), now is getting 1K new followers per day, but it doesn’t post captions (tried changing proxies, resting, relogin) and EG is 0.3, all this is so odd.