Shadowbanned for 1.5 years?

Hey guys!

I`ve got an instagram with slightly over 330K followers and over the past year and a half I literally did not grow at all. I actually lost 10K in the past two months after a username change. Is there such a thing as a life long shadowban? :slight_smile: Have you experienced something like that? Would love to hear some thoughts as it is so frustrating putting so much effort into my page and see zero results :frowning:
If someone can help somehow please shoot me a PM!

Your method for growing probably isn’t working, I highly doubt that you’ve been shandowbanned for 1.5 years. Also you say you lost 10k followers after changing your username and don’t know why. Its because you changed your username…kinda answered your own question.

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Thank you for your reply! I saw a couple of people with similar problem in Instagram Posse group, no one seems to have an answer why is it like that though :disappointed:

What’s your method for growing? The more information you give us, the more we can help. :slight_smile:

Im in a few pods currently and not really using hashtags except for branded ones when I do collaborations! Thats about it really. Doing sfs with the similar accounts in my niche in stories but they seem to not work well for me :frowning:

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Instagram Posse is a mess. Knowledge there is almost nonexistant. Questions like the one you ask are asked there daily again and again. Instead of searching for old answers it is much easier to ask the same again and hope that people will give the solution.

Problems can be; username change, pods, having much fake followers who get banned by Instagram…


Thank you for this! And it is so true about the IP group, it is like a vicious cycle of same questions and same answers day in day out :slight_smile:

Can you give the link to your account? I would like to take a look :slight_smile:

That can be a problem. Branded hashtags can shadow ban you. I think that changing the name is probably the biggest reason why you lost followers, but certain hashtags can shadow ban you.

Instagram just had major updates so who knows? Maybe they have also gotten very aggressive with branded hashtags that they perceive as ads?

I have a client who has been shadow banned for a over a year. He came to me shadow banned. I haven’t told him he is because he does not take direction well.

Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification, that makes sense! I regretted so many times that I`ve changed my username :slight_smile:
You said client, do you do kind of personalised ‘instagram growth’ strategies ?