[SHARE] 97 Email Templates (spintax) | use for CPA on Instagram

Hi everyone, I have some awesome email templates that I think to work well with Instagram DMs (don’t forget to change and use spin-tax), Shopify, Email Marketing,…

:+1: Hope it will be useful for you guys!

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Thanks for the share, I was looking for something like this for email marketing.

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Nice share mate - useful :slight_smile:


This is awesome. Sick share right there :raised_hands:


thany you very much have search for this

Amazing share! Never seen something like this here before. Thank you!

nice share, really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot man i appreciate it!

Thank you bro, awesome share!

Thanks, appreciated!

thanks for this buddy! It really came in handy for my email marketing

thanks mate !

Thanks Bro <3

Oh my god, that’s amazing!!! Thank you very much!!