Share facebook post question

when you share facebook post with the link in the post, not a clickable post, does it count as posting that link (link in the post) also? I don’t want profile or link ban because the link is share too many times

Sharing too many posts, even posts that do not have link, just images or text, could get your account blocked or banned if you don’t play it smart.

Don’t spam, don’t publish (share, in your case) more than 20-30 posts per day per account, use spyntax in your posts to make them look unique.

Use delay between your post, 15-30 minutes if you want to be safe.

I heard this is the safe way to post content on fb without getting ban. When I extract the post from my page, do I need to edit each post if I want to put some spin syntax in the post? I tried copy text to others but the text wasn’t copied to other posts

You can use signature field in Overview tab. Increase it to 100% and add your spyntax there, this way you don’t have to edit posts.