Share for multiple sim owners

I have noticed that many people here on forum are using dual sim phones to activate their sim cards, this is a little gadget that you plug into your phone and you can switch sim cards, without even taking them out of the package.


haha, interesting gadget there…

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Have You Tried This?

not yet,mine is kind of stuck on russian border :angry:

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Is it a 1 to 1 or a 1 to many like shown in the pic?

I know you can get it from Aliexpress as well although i have only seen 1 to 1 types.

not sure, but i think it should be 1 to 1, maby they are just stacked on top of each other and it looks like that, why would you need 1 sim to many phones btw?

1 sim input to many sim output, now that i think of it it really doesn’t make sense unless the phone can handle the switch. :smirk:

If you’re getting that many 1 to 1, for that price it seems like a steal.

I am not sure how it’s called so just got this by searching ‘sim activator’ got mine from a russian guy in the forums , about your idea it seems doable, but maybe not by the phone itself, but by some electrical switch, that would block one sim port… i don’t even know

this is his prices :

BUYING 1 Activator - 250 rubles apiece
BUYING 2-9 ACTIVATOR - 200 rubles per piece

when buying from 10 ACTIVATOR - 110 rubles per piece
when buying from 100 ACTIVATOR - 50 rubles apiece

How did you managed to pay for it? Bank transfer?

i’v got mine from a different seller, this is just an example, look on aliexpress or amazon for sim activator you should find it without much trouble @SkyggeLys

Thanks @mindeswx, ended up ordering this: from Ebay but had to search for sim extender as activator didn’t yield anything

This seems to only accept sim cards, not whole card like my example, it’s more compact to keep only small sim cards, but it’s hard to write numbers on those :smiley: @SkyggeLys

I know @mindeswx, its just that cant find anything for sim card activator other than this indonesian website

I have one :smiley:

I have one for this, and it’s so much helpful to get phone verification.

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It’s not like 1 sim input to multiple sim output, just 1 sim input to 1 sim output. But this can save your time to get phone verification without open the battre, just swith off and change the simcard. And you not have to break the simcard. I got just in $1 in my country… But you can get from with free shipping from aliexpress. Check this link…

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