🇪🇺 Shared \ Private 4G LTE Mobile Proxy Network | Starting 4 € month

Hello there MPSocial users!

For those who doesn’t know me, I’m Christov and I’m renting proxies since 2017 here in mpsocial BUT for LVL2 and 3 users only. I’ve started in 2017 with residential lines and mobile proxies from Europe since 2018.

This thread gonna be the only place where you will be able to rent my proxies which can handle almost any tasks.

How to order?

  1. PM
  2. Skype: live:digitalboy_15
  3. Telegram: @digital7boy


:romania: Romania


  1. NEW EU Mobile Proxies at 1.25Eur/mo per proxy for scrape accounts to stop getting annoying blocks and so on with DC proxies or for all IG accounts you grow them with mass stories view only.

  2. European Shared Mobile Proxy at 3Eur/mo :scream:

  3. Private\Raw European Mobile Proxy at 20Eur/mo :scream:

All proxy plans have unlimited bandwidth and access to the following Social Media Networks:

NOTE: Do not ask to enable any other websites like email providers, search engines. This service is ONLY for these 6 Social Media Networks.

:heart: Here are few recent reviews from my original post :heart:


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales @Digital7Boy

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Where are your proxy based?

It’s written in the sales thread

Good luck @Digital7Boy

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What is the rotation time and how many accounts can you run simultaneously on a raw modem from your experience?

2-4 times daily.

Unfortunately, I cannot say a number because depends a lot of account healthy + settings. Some clients use only 3, for some works well with 5 w/o any issue and others run only 1. Anyway, the raw proxy is limited by default to 5 accounts per network to run simultaneous.

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@Digital7Boy proxies are working great! I have been costumer since more than one year. I started with normal lines and they have been working for me until now in very good way.

When he told me that he would start to provide RAW Proxies i didnt have any doubt about the quality of these ones, so i needed to try them. The quality for the price that he offers is amazing, there are not downtimes, when i need something or some support i receive an answer within one or two hours maximum.

100% accurate and recommendable, if you want to try an amazing proxies dont waster your time, here you have THE man.

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Thank you @Pezkaito! :raising_hand_man:

Hello everyone,

First of all, @Digital7Boy is a great guy than everything else. Always friendly & polite.

I’m using his service almost for a year now, what to say?!

Don’t look anymore further this is your man!

If you have chance to work with him, don’t miss it!

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Fully Agree, just got a 4G proxy from him and so far so good👍

:point_up: The limited stock was reached :point_up:

For new orders the prices are:

:scream: 1 x Private\Raw European Mobile Proxy - 20Euro/month. :star_struck:
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 1 x European Shared Mobile Proxy - 3Euro/month. :money_mouth_face:

:bomb: CONTEST :eyes:

  • 50 x European Shared Mobile Proxy (trial 1 wk)
  • It’s not needed, we know they are HQ :slight_smile:

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When the voters reach :point_right: 30 :point_left: I’ll do what they decided at that time. :raising_hand_man:

Best regards

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Hi. How many account can I run per proxy? Does this work with MP,Jarvee and others? Also, can I use this proxy on Chrome,Mozilla browser? Thanks

Hey @kamilion,


On shared proxies you can use only 1 account per social media network at time.
On raw proxies you can use up to 5 accounts per social media network at time.

Thank you for your interest,

I wrote a long time before the telegram, I think you are not looking at the telegram. Which channels are you using, let’s write from there?

Hey @li0n,


Keep in touch,

Please can I try your proxies! thanks

Is it allowed to f/uf with these proxies?

@ashmar - Just replied you.

@jason212 - No! For F/UF etc. I have two types of mobile proxies:

  • 1 x Private\Raw European Mobile Proxy - 20Euro/month (minimum order 1 and you can hook up to 5 account per proxy)
  • 1 x European Shared Mobile Proxy - 3Euro/month (minimum order 10 and you can hook only 1 account per proxy)

Your first post still mentions the old price of E 10 ?

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I’ve just updated the OP.

Thanks for the reminder @dimitri :slight_smile: