Sharing Post to Story - Looks bad on app

Hi all!

I’ve been trying to share another user’s post on my account’s story using the repost tool. However, when it is shared, the post is scaled to the full size of the screen and it doesn’t look like a shared post on the story.

Has anyone else encountered this or have any suggestions on how to fix it?

Just in case, I’m reposting with the repost setting: Post as part of your story instead of on the wall > Share instead of Repost.

Thank you so much!

I don’t see there’s an option that allows you share a post like you normally share a post to story on IG app (square post). Leaving this option unchecked in repost settings may be helpful. image

I suppose you are referring to this option, Share instead of Repost.

Are you using this account directly to the repost? What api user agent do you have for the account that is doing reposting?

I noticed the same thing on one of my accounts, contacted support, they said that they will check on this and fix it.

Thanks for the suggestion but that didn’t work when I tried it

Thanks! Yes, I was using the account directly to repost and the account was using one of the default api agents added by the software. I think it was a Samsung.

They made it possible to share a post to Story just like on IG app in the last update. The shared post looks like this now:

Is this option somewhere in campaigns aswell? @ossi looking to both post and put it in story. A commonly done thing on IG to annouce a post

Edit: There is an option in the repost but i dont think it’s that since it needs to be a clickable photo

good question am lookin for the same thing

Yes, you can go to Campaign Overview tab > click on Advanced Settings button > Instagram tab, and check both “IG - Post on wall and in story” and “Share wall post in story”



Thanks buddy :pray: @ossi

Edit: looks awfully squeezed in a square lol

It will look better in the next update.


Thank you! @DanielAdmin

You’re welcome @oneoneseven

I’m looking forward to it. Thanks.

I have just tried the feature.
Seems not on point yet.
No way to do severals tags on the post then only one in the story.
And the tag in the story is not clickable

Doing this way has proven a lot more reliable for me

When i do it this way 1/10 posts the tag will come out a little blurry for some reason. Could you please try replicate this and you’ll see what i mean

I had the same result. I mean tag in the same position. Mine was not clickable. Yours is clickable?
Do you have more tags on the original post picture?

Mines clickable

Sometimes the tag just wont appear in roughly 1/30