Shopify - aliexpress plugin - system invoices


I would like ask users which have e store in shopify and using aliexpress plugin about system invoices. How you generate invoices from aliexpress sellers ?

Depends which plugin you are using.

1 of the plugins is an affiliate plugin, so the entire system invoice is on the Aliexpress website

Other plugins import the products into shopify, and the invoice & payment happens within shopify. Then its up to you to go to aliexpress to order the product.


What is the name first plugin ? because it is interested in me

I think there are a few. 1 is called AliPlugin. But note, this is 100% affiliate, so you can’t increase the price of the product at all. If AliExpress has a keychain for $1.99, you cannot charge $9.95, instead, you will receive 5% commission of $1.99.

Theres also another similar plugin for wordpress in the Envato marketplace