Shopping cart in posts

Does anyone know the deal with these shopping carts in Instagram posts? I have a business account (started fresh from being disabled but I’m up to 21k) and I can not find a way to have these carts🤔

Oh thanks wortime I see the problem, I’m in Australia this is only for the US😏

There are other methods I am sure, just keep searching!


Ok will do, thanks!

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Use a VPN that lets your ip appear in the US.
I personally use the App CyberGhost 6 from the playstore. By using a VPN i was able to get stuff like YouTube Red although i live in :de:. Hope this helps you​:v:

So you can use what wortime send you.

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Shoppable IG only works if you convert to a Business account - and who would do that :rofl:

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I am a business account :sob: why what’s wrong with them?

This also only works if you’re part of the Beta testing going on right now with the Instagram/Shopify integration. It is not 100% live on Instagram for anyone to use yet.

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Oh ok thanks all my US competitors seem to have this edge😏 hopefully we get it soon in Australia

“A U.S. Instagram Business Profile with U.S.-English language settings. Physical location of your HQ doesn’t matter if the two requirements above are met.

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Thank you this is a great help

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Pay to play

13 characters to pay for