Short term action blocks on nightmode end

Hi everyone,

I am aware that the topic of action blocks is discussed in the forum lately, but I’m experiencing a slight different problem and would like to share and hear your insights/experiences.

I am running my accounts on mobile proxies (10 accounts per modem approx.)
During the last week, I get action blocks right after I start doing action when nightmode ends, These blocks usually occur on accounts on the same modem. weird thing is, that turning the tool off and on again in Jarvee (thus skipping suspension time) fixes the problem immediately on all accounts.

No PVs, No other issues whatsoever.
These blocks occur only once a day and always right after the end of nightmode.

Anyone had experienced such “blocks” lately? Is it a real block or maybe a bug in Jarvee?


Do you use a variable nightmode and different starttimes for all accounts ? Or for all accounts a fixed nightmode with all accounts starting at the same time?

I use nightmode randomization, all accounts start within the same 3 hours timeframe